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Gavin Rossdale Reveals COVID 19 Hits Close to Home (interview w/ Nuber)


 Gavin was kind enough to call in today to talk about Bush's upcoming album. Like most people, rockstar or not, I asked how he was doing. As you'll hear, I wasn't at all prepared for his response, but I can't thank him enough for sharing it. Here's the audio. I'll have the rest of the interview ready to go for tomorrow.

Artist Name - GavinRossdale_FathersfriendAnnouce
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Rick Kirkham's Documentary "TV Junkie" (NSFW video)


 He may seem like one of the few sane humans in the Netflix show "Tiger King", but in 2006 a documentary was released chronicling his addiction to crack cocaine. Almost entirely self shot, the 90 minute POV style film is definitely not for the faint of heart (seriously, it's pretty messed up guys), but is incredibly well done.

Fun Fact: Rick claims to have once interviewed George H.W. Bush while high on crack. The subject of the interview? Drug Addiction

Below is the entire film, TV Junkie.

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"A Step Away" the New Musical from the Porn Company Brazzers (Suprisingly Clean But Still NSFW Video)


The actors featured here (Lacy Lennon and Quinton James) are actually singing their parts...and it's not terrible. So for anyone longing for a song about banging a step sibling, here ya go.


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Mariah Manson Mashup (Video)


​YouTuber Bill McClintock who previous brought us the Ratt/Marvin Gaye Mashup Masterpiece (Seriously, it's amazing) is back, just in time for the Holidays with a Mariah Carey/Marilyn Manson mashup appropriately title "All I want for Christmas is The Beautiful People". Enjoy the video below.

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While RATM Isn't at Sonic Temple This Year, Brass Against is (NSFW Video)


 A lot of folks, myself included, were hoping against hope Rage Against the Machine would make an appearance at Sonic Temple this year, but alas, it's not going to happen. BUT RATM fans aren't completely left hanging because Brass Against will be making an appearance this year at Mapfre. Just like the title would indicate, this is a bunch of brass instruments with a bad ass female singer fronting the band. Here's their cover of Killing in the Name...

 But Brass Against isn't Rage exclusive. Tool and Audioslave are in their playlist as well. Here's their cover of "The Pot"

​Definitely a band you want to get there early to see. 

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