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Ohio Variety Night for Autism Promotional Video


​Comics Jesse Pimpinella and Nick Glaser joined me to chat about the upcoming event at Moe's BBQ in Granville on 12/14 with all the proceeds to benefit the Autism Society of Central Ohio. Clearly these guys are good enough that I'd be hard pressed to ruin the evening like I thought I would. 20+ comics, six musical acts headlined by Lee Gantt along with auctions and raffles.

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1959 Hits

Cat Stevens Sh*tting Himself During the Recording of "Wild World"? Here's Audio Evidence


 Everyone has heard this song, but seemingly no one has ever noticed the fact it sounds like Cat (Shat?) Stevens drops a bomb at 1:52 in the song. Here's the unedited original recording of the song... 

​If that wasn't a fart then it begs the question: What the hell is it?

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2129 Hits

Highly Suspect's New Video for "16" Debuts at 1 pm. Watch it here....


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1974 Hits

In Case You Missed it, Here's the CarMax Commercial Featuring Fred Durst


 I don't normally fawn over a commercial, but this is pretty damned good. Enjoy!

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3089 Hits

Remember the Grinding Alabama Woman? She Now Wants Your Cash.


Last weekend, 24 year old April Teale was acting the fool outside of a Waffle House in Tuscaloosa, just a stone's throw away from Alabama's Bryant-Denny Stadium. Not sure if it was the liquor, excitement from The Tide's dismantling of Tennessee earlier that day, or generations of indiscriminate breeding that proceeded her, but Teale thought it was a good idea to grind on an officer who was taking her into custody on a disorderly conduct charge. 

Here's the video of arrest that went viral. 

And the resulting mugshot where April seems pretty proud of herself...

 Before I go any further, let me say I normally would just leave it there. Mistakes were made, and she has to pay for them, both in the criminal court system and with a public who isn't often kind with this type of thing. However, ol' girl didn't know when to call it a day and decided instead to take to her Instagram page and post the following caption as her headline: "Went through some legal trouble, if you wanna throw me $5 bucks, Venmo me. I'd like that." Here's a screenshot...

Kinda clever, I guess, but this isn't a situation where she's "...making Lemonade". Remember, there's another person involved here: The police officer who had this dummy's gutter bits pressed up against while he was trying to do his job.

Imagine being tasked with keeping the peace among 100k+ drunk college football fans. "Herding Cats" is an apt analogy, but since it's 'Bama, the cats are inbred, feral, and probably not litter-trained. For her to make a guy doing an impossible job suffer those indignities and then trying to profit from it, makes her a remarkable piece of shit. 

Hopefully this episode will ensure her future will be wrought with marginal employment and complete despair!


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3619 Hits