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Watch: All That Remains Release Music Video for New Single 'Let You Go'


All That Remains is going out on Megadeth's "Destroy All Enemies" tour with Mudvayne and it's coming to Riverbend in Cincinnati on September 17th

You can win tickets by texting the word MEGAMUD to 99700.

They've just shared another track from their upcoming yet-to-be titled album. It's called "Let You Go. Watch the music video below

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Highly Suspect Release 2nd Single from Upcoming Album


Highly Suspect's new album As Above, So Below drops on July 19th and they just dropped the second single, "Blue-Eyed Devil". Check it out:

Highly Suspect is playing at Louder Than Life down in Louisville, Kentucky on Thursday, September 26th.

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Hilarious Dad Hack: Vacuuming Your Child's Hair


Dads, if you struggle to put your kid's hair in a pony tail, try the vacuum method.

1. Take the hose of the vacuum and wrap a hair tie around it - about an inch or two from the end.

2. Turn it on and use the hose to suck their hair back and hold it in place.

3. Slide the hair tie down from the vacuum hose and into their hair.

VOILA! Dad pony tail. Apparently dad's love it and moms are horrified. But you gotta do what you gotta do, am I right?

Watch the video below.

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All That Remains Drop First New Song in Six Years


All That Remains dropped their first new song in six years called "Divine". It's their first new song since the death of guitarist Oli Herbert in 2018.

All That Remains is going out on Megadeth's "Destroy All Enemies" tour with Mudvayne, that's coming to Riverbend Music Center in Cincinnati on September 17th.

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Photos of Lars Ulrich's Childhood Home That's Going for $6.85 Million


The house that Lars Ulrich of Metallica lived in for 17 years is up for sale at $6.85 million. It's located in Hellerup, Denmark. Blabbermouth did an interview with him outside of the house and he pointed to a room where he played drums.

He said, "That was the room where I had all my posters and the room where I had my stereo and all my records and all 700 posters of Deep Purple, right in there."

Fun fact: Lars played professional tennis when he was a teenager and could have gone on to a career as a tennis star, but chose music instead.
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