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Megadeth Announces New Album Title And Release Date Along With The First Single


Megadeth have officially announced their new album The Sick, The Dying...And The Dead! Not only that, they dropped a new song! It's called "We'll Be Back" along with a music video/short film. A press release described it as "a soldier's tale of bravery, personal sacrifice and the will to survive". The new album comes out on September 2nd!

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Make Your Own Mexican Pizza


Taco Bell's Mexican Pizza came back but after less than two weeks, it's gone again. It's sold out!  They ran out of ingredients because the demand was so high. Taco Bell said they didn't realize just how popular they were. Are you sitting down? The Mexican Pizza might not be back until the FALL. Taco Bell says they're working diligently with their suppliers and hopes it returns permanently by the Fall.

In the meantime, you can make your own Mexican Pizza! Here's what you'll need:

-Canned Black Beans (lightly mashed with a fork)
-Flour tortillas
-Ground beef cooked with seasoned with taco seasoning
-Mexican style blend shredded cheese
-Diced tomatoes
-Jarred enchilada sauce 
-Vegetable oil

-Add 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil to hot pan and drop in the flour tortilla
-Spread the enchilada sauce on top, then cover the sauce with shredded cheese (to your liking)
-Top with diced tomatoes
-Put the lid on the pan to let the cheese melt on medium heat for about 5 minutes.

While the cheese is melting, work on the bottom layer

-In another hot pan add another tablespoon of vegetable oil and another flour tortilla
-Spread the mashed black beans and ground beef (already cooked and seasoned) on top and let the sides of the tortilla start to crisp.
-Then, use a spatula to put the first tortilla on top
-Transfer the Mexican Pizza onto a cutting board and cut it into quarters.
-Add any other toppings you want 


This should make the wait until the Fall a little more bearable.

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Motionless In White Release New Single and Announce New Album Details


Motionless In White's new album, Scoring The End Of The World, will be released on June 10th. It's their 6th full-length studio album.

They just released their first single, "Cyberhex," along with the official music video which was directed by Motionless In White guitarist Ricky Olson and Logan Beaver.

Frontman Chris "Motionless" Cerulli recently said, "'Cyberhex' is my love letter to you, our fans, for everything you have done for me over the course of some of the most mentally taxing few years I've had to go through. At times where I felt like my world was ending, as well as the world around us, it was always in my mind that I was able to turn to the special relationship we have created together for help, and I cannot thank you enough for that . . ." - Blabbermouth

Motionless In White is currently on their co-headlining "Trinity of Terror Tour" with Black Veil Brides and Ice Nine Kills. The closest stops are in Grand Rapids, Michigan on April 6th and Indianapolis, Indiana on April 8th.
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1097 Hits

Three Days Grace Release Second Song From Upcoming Album


Three Days Grace is releasing their upcoming album Explosions on May 6th and they just released the second track from the album, called "Neurotic (Ft Lukas Rossi)". The new track began as a collaboration between the band's Neil Sanderson and Lukas Rossi of Rockstar Casanova for the side project King City, according to blabbermouth.net.

Lead singer Matt Walst said, "We added a Three Days Grace spin to it. Lukas has a great voice, and we match up pretty well."

Three Days Grace is playing at Inkcarceration Music and Tattoo Festival at the Ohio State Reformatory in Mansfield on Friday, July 15th.

Watch the lyric video for "Neurotic (Ft Lukas Rossi)":

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Korn Livestream 'Requiem Mass' Ahead of It's Release at Midnight


Korn is doing a very special REQUIEM MASS album release event and global livestream tonight at 11p.m.! You can join the band in honoring the souls that have passed during these unprecedented times with an intimate ceremony and epic live performance. Their new album Requiem is out at midnight tonight.

Watch here

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