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You Never Know What Goes On Behind Closed Doors


This house that's up for sale has a big secret.

A man in Indianapolis, Indiana just put his home on the market for $800,000. It has a pool, a deck, a grand dining room and a makeshift strip club in the basement. Complete with a stage, a stripper pole, a disco ball and a large bar area with bar booths.

This gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "business in the front, party in the back".

*Scroll through photos of the home:

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Warning: This Show Contains Mullets That Some Viewers May Find Disturbing. Watch The Trailer for 'Pam & Tommy'.


Hulu is coming out with a new limited series called Pam & Tommy. It's a true story all about Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson's relationship, including their infamous sex tape.

Sebastian Stan, the guy who plays Bucky Barnes in the Marvel Universe is playing Tommy Lee and Lily James is playing Pamela Anderson. She's known for her roles in the movie Baby Driver and Downton Abbey.

Seth Rogan and Nic Offerman (Ron from Parks & Rec) and their mullets are playing the guys who stole, copied and released the sex tape. It was directed by the same guy who directed I, Tonya.

Tommy Lee says he's cool with it even though the whole sex tape thing will be involved. He said the story's really cool and people need to know what really happened.
Pam & Tommy premieres on February 2nd on Hulu.
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Watch Grocery Store Employee Receive Surprise Dream Guitar From Shopper


We need more people like this in the world. A 50-year-old guy named Chris Glover, made friends with 27-year-old Derek Woods who works at Publix, a grocery store chain in Orlando, Florida.

Glover has been doing most of the family grocery shopping because his wife is battling stage 4 cancer, so he developed a friendship with Woods.

In one of their conversations, Glover talked about how he was a musician and had played around town for a number of years and Woods explained how he'd been saving up to buy his dream guitar, a Les Paul.

So, Glover decides to buy it for him and bring it to him while he was at work. Jennifer, Glover's wife, was able to be there too.
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RESCHEDULED: Halestorm & Evanescence Fall Tour Moved To 2022


Evanescence and Halestorm had to postpone their Fall tour because it was "hit by Covid". The tour was originally scheduled to stop at the Heritage Bank Center in Cincinnati on December 12th but it has been rescheduled again.

The new date is Friday, January 14th. They posted on social media saying, "We have unfinished business! Can't wait to come back in January!"

Halestorm just finished working on their new album so maybe that'll give them some time to rehearse some new stuff!
If you're a ticket holder for the original date at The Heritage Bank Center in Cincinnati, your tickets are still good for the new date, January 14th.

You can still buy tickets through ticketmaster.
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Welcome To Rockville Line-Up Announced


Need an excuse for a road trip? Welcome To Rockville is happening the weekend of May 19th-22nd at the Daytona International Speedway in Daytona Beach, Florida. 

Foo Fighters, Korn, KISS and Guns N' Roses are headlining.

Get your passes here.

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