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All That Remains Release Part One of Documentary Ahead of Spring Tour


Part one of All That Remains' new documentary celebrating the 15th anniversary of The Fall Of Ideals was released on YouTube on Jan. 24th. It's a 3-minute video and its the first of five in the series.  

All That Remains is coming to The King of Clubs here in Columbus on March 21st with Miss May I, Varials and Tallah.

Check out part 1 of the documentary below.

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948 Hits

Rage Against The Machine is Coming to Ohio on New Date


Rage Against the Machine has postponed their Spring 2022 tour dates. The band announced that the tour will now kick off on July 9th in East Troy, Wisconsin with support from Run The Jewels.

They will be coming to Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse in Cleveland on July 27th!

Tickets are on sale now and previously purchased tickets will be honored for any postponed shows. See tour dates and get your tickets here.
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1671 Hits

Ivan Moody Opens Up About His Near-Death Experience


Ivan Moody of Five Finger Death Punch just opened up about his near death experience.

He's been sober for over 3 years now but before that he was in and out of rehab and at one point he had tried to quit on his own.

He said he went 4 days without drinking and on the 4th day his body shut down and he went into a seizure and died. He was handing his daughter a glass of water one second and the next he was out. He explained how it felt, like how some people say near death experiences feel. 

"It wasn't cold, it wasn't hot, there was no burden of any sort. And for a brief second, I was free." 

His life flashed before his eyes and he saw things from when he was an infant all the way up to that moment.

"I'm not ready for this, I have more to do."

His first words when paramedics brought him back were, "Don't tell the fans".

Five Finger Death Punch just released the music video for their new song "The Tragic Truth" which tells the story of his experience.
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1412 Hits

You Never Know What Goes On Behind Closed Doors


This house that's up for sale has a big secret.

A man in Indianapolis, Indiana just put his home on the market for $800,000. It has a pool, a deck, a grand dining room and a makeshift strip club in the basement. Complete with a stage, a stripper pole, a disco ball and a large bar area with bar booths.

This gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "business in the front, party in the back".

*Scroll through photos of the home:

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1501 Hits

Warning: This Show Contains Mullets That Some Viewers May Find Disturbing. Watch The Trailer for 'Pam & Tommy'.


Hulu is coming out with a new limited series called Pam & Tommy. It's a true story all about Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson's relationship, including their infamous sex tape.

Sebastian Stan, the guy who plays Bucky Barnes in the Marvel Universe is playing Tommy Lee and Lily James is playing Pamela Anderson. She's known for her roles in the movie Baby Driver and Downton Abbey.

Seth Rogan and Nic Offerman (Ron from Parks & Rec) and their mullets are playing the guys who stole, copied and released the sex tape. It was directed by the same guy who directed I, Tonya.

Tommy Lee says he's cool with it even though the whole sex tape thing will be involved. He said the story's really cool and people need to know what really happened.
Pam & Tommy premieres on February 2nd on Hulu.
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