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99.7 The Blitz has joined forces with Pray For Sleep to raise awareness of the Nationwide Children's Hospital "On Our Sleeves" movement to "Scream Back" at the stigma surrounding mental and behavioral health conditions (known as MBH).

 We're reaching out to middle schools, high schools and colleges with a unique "peer to peer" program that combines live music and personal stories from the band, Pray For Sleep, to raise awareness of MBH and let young people know, they're not alone.

If you'd like to bring "Scream Back" to your school or, if you're a student in need of help and don't know where to turn, please keep reading below and help "Scream Back" at mental and behavioral health conditions… 'cause losing another student to MBH… is not an option. 

A unique and innovative approach to reach youth struggling with Mental/Behavioral Health conditions using peer messaging, rock music, and personal messages of hope.

Find Help 

If you know someone that may need help that is struggling with MBH or other Mental Conditions, Please visit the link below and get started and find resources and tools for you to use.

Scream Back at Your School 

If you are a school administrator or a student leader that would like to have this program at your school, Please visit the link below to reach out to a Scream Back representative and begin the conversation.   

Message Scream Back for your school
If your school is interested in hosting a Scream Back event for it's students, please let us know by filling this form out and get the process started.
What's your name?
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Why do you think Scream Back is a good program for you school:
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