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Hot For Teacher


The Blitz is Hot for Teacher! Loper and Randi want to recognize the hard working teachers and parents who are adjusting to so many challenges this school year. 

Whether you're a parent at home with kids in virtual classrooms or a teacher in school behind the mask, Loper and Randi want to show their appreciation for all you're doing! Nominate a parent, teacher, or even yourself!

Each weekday they'll share someone's story and hook them up with a backpack courtesy of Mobile Edge - Protect your tech with Mobile Edge! Each backpack will also include a $50 gift card to Massey's Pizza. It's all powered by Buckeye City Motorsports, voted the #1 motorcycle dealer by Cbus Top Picks! and Your Rock Station, 99.7 The Blitz.

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Our Teacher and Parent Tributes 

 Read about our nominated parent/teachers below, click on the teacher's name to see more! Click Here to nominate a parent or teacher. 

Jonna Smith
I left behind my preschool classroom to teach a Virtual Preschool Class for parents and children who are afraid to send their children to school because of Covid-19. I am the ONLY virtual preschool teacher for the entire Knox County Head Start. I am spearheading this project to better serve my community. I will miss the face-to-face connection, but I love knowing that I am helping these children who otherwise would not receive early education.
Scott Cameron
Hybrid schedule sucks enough as it is. Double the work. 3 science classes of that in the AM I am teaching in the online program in the afternoons, too. That presents its own challenges. Between all that, my daughter's high school volleyball and her school work. Oh, and I have my daughter in class, this year. If you have had that happen--you know. The tech stuff would be cool and super helpful, but to be honest the pizza would drown my blues away--at least for a few hours.
Chris Parrett
He took over being the teacher because of this pandemic but does a great job. He been my rock through this. His schooling is almost like regular school with gym time to lunch time to actual school hours.
Bonnie Madden
This is my daughter-in-law. I am nominating her because she is just an awesome mom. Her 3 boys are home schooled and have been since the oldest one started 1st grade. She works with the boys and makes sure they are doing their best and all 3 are above their grade level. She has the patience of a saint and the motivation to make sure her boys will make it out in this world. She is an awesome mom and teacher and I just love her to death.
She may not be a teacher, but ever since the COVID outbreak she has been working hard every day in the food service department. All summer she helped pack and distribute lunches to kids. Lunches were prepared every day of the week for students. At the end of the day she would be so tired and hurt from standing on her feet all day. Now that school has started, students are going back virtually. She helps to make menus for students, and has to make sure students get lunches. Constantly, she orders and schedules items to be packed.
Kathleen Livesay
I normally don’t toot my own horn but Covid got me like crazy busy! I’ll start by telling you about my 2 sons. Both my sons are on the Autism Spectrum. My oldest is a Junior at OUL with accommodations and my youngest is a Sophomore at Pickerington Central on an IEP. Both sons lack social skills. Doing online schooling doesn’t help them achieve their goals. During ZOOM meetings and Google Hangouts I’m the one in the background giving them cues to answer appropriately and participate in discussion. They so need that 1 on 1 person to person teaching but Covid will only allow my youngest to get this 2 days a week. Meltdowns and anxiety are a daily struggle but I manage to bring them down to their happy place and make sure their day ends positive. While I’m doing everything for my sons so they don’t fall thru the cracks and become productive citizens I’m also working in LunchLadyLand making sure all my other kiddos are getting their proper nutrition. Our school district’s Food Service Dept. is focused on making sure all students get breakfast and lunch. We started doing this in March thru June by bagging meals for the week for our students. With the new school year and major cuts to our contracted Food Service employees leaving only 3 of us Lunchladies in our school, we continue to feed our students in our Hybrid phase in person, making virtual 3 day meal (breakfast/lunch) bags to take home with them and 5 day meal bags (breakfast/lunch) for students to pickup that are 100% VLA (virtual learning academy). As long as my day ends with my sons smiling, my 900 kiddos telling me to have a good day and thank you and me reminding everyone “YOU GOT THIS” I’ll continue until we are all back to “normal”. Thank you Loper & Randi for giving me my metal mornings to get my day off on the right foot. Congratulations to all the teachers/parents so deserving of this contest. Now to jam to Tess :) Kathleen
Donna Keel
This is my mother she has been the legal guardian of my 2 Nieces and 1 nephew ages 11, 10, and 7 their parents are drug addicts and have abandoned them so my mother, their grandmother has been fighting to get custodial rights to the kids and be the best role model and parental figure to the that she can be for them and now she has become their teacher essentially with their school district moving to remote learning. She is 56 years old and on disability and fights every day to give her grandkids the best life possible as they have been forced to grow up way to fast.
stacy hinton
This woman deserves recognition. She juggles being the art teacher and dean of students, doing two jobs. She also somehow manages to take care of a 17 year old boy and make time for me. She works hard and comes home every night exhausted both mentally and physically. I dont think people understand the work it takes to be a teacher and how much of your personal time and money goes toward her job. She truly cares about students and loves her job. She has the biggest heart in the world. Please help me to make her feel like she is making an impact and that she matters and is appreciated. Thanks
Josh Antonini
I nominate my husband. He is a great teacher and father. He teaches second grade at south Bloomfield Elementary. He is working so hard to make sure his students are safe while learning. With the schools on a hybrid learning system he maintains his students online work and classroom work. After his day at school he comes home and has four kids at home. Your six year old son and four year old twins just want to play with dad and he always comes home in a good mood ready to play. He apologizes to me because he is staying at school late and is extra stressed and thanks me for being understanding. I want to thank him for being a hard working, teacher, father, and husband.
Britanee Lancione
She works her full time job on top of teaching our 6 year old and twin 5 year olds. She is a beast and I love her so much and am beyond thankful for her. She deserves recognition.
Nicole Ellwood
I am nominating my daughter Nicole because simply...she is a badass. She devotes most of her free time to making sure her students get every opportunity to succeed in life. Covid has turned everything upside down. She loves her students and is crushed that she can't be with them all everyday. She is a top notch teacher. She was recognized by the Rotary Club last year as one of the best in central Ohio. But its everything outside of teaching that makes her special. She was a cheer coach and mentor to so many kids over the years. Before Covid you couldn't attend an event without her being swarmed by admiring students. She still will attend any game, match or concert that Covid will allow to watch het students succeed. She risks EVERYTHING now as a new mother of a 3 month old and a husband with immune issues. She won't back down from being there for her students, willing to set aside her fears, as most teachers are, and work her way through whatever this day brings. I couldn't be more proud and as a Rock station you've got to recognize this Rock star of a Teacher.
Mandi Cornett
I met Mandi a few months ago. She is one of the most selfless people I have ever met. She is a full-time EMT, working both at an ambulance service and a local fire dept. She routinely works more hours than any of us could imagine, recently putting in over 100 hours in a week between the two jobs. Even so, she finds time to also volunteer to teach EMT classes in the evenings. She has a passion for helping others learn to better themselves. On top of it all, she has become a full-time teacher to her 17-year old son, Carter, who is enrolled in 100% virtual classes due to the Covid-19 pandemic. She helps him navigate his classes online, making sure that everything works smoothly so he gets the best education he can in spite of the circumstances. She also helps Carter with his homework in her "spare time". I can't imagine anyone more deserving of recognition than Mandi
Marla Goins
I am nominating my mom, Marla, as she has been a god send to her grandkids during this pandemic. Although she is still currently working from home and has to travel for work, she works her schedule around the grandkids schedule so she can help us, the parents, with their remote learning. She has devised a whole schedule, ensures they are on every zoom call, has reached out to the teachers for any additional information needed and has created fun little spots for each of the grandkids so they have their space. In addition to this, she is able to get the to listen and learn! She has raised us 5 crazy kids and is now a proud, hard working grandma to 11 grandkids which at least 4 weekly she graciously transports, feeds and helps to teach weekly. My siblings and I could not have survived these past few months without her help and she truly deserves recognition.
Marcie Holloway
Marcie missed most of her school year last year due to Breast Cancer. She has had many surgeries. When she was finally able to return the school closed due to Covid 19. The school is opened five days a week. She has to wear a face shield everyday. She is a dedicated teacher and has been so sad she missed being able to have her class last year.
Christine Boyd
Christine is a middle school science teacher at Woodward Park in the Columbus school district. Christine is passionate about science and her students. Prior to the pandemic Christine would be at the store early in the morning to get supplies for her latest science lesson. Now Christine is putting in extra time to make sure her students are still able to get the most out of virtual learning. Christine has students from many different backgrounds and makes sure that each and everyone feels included. She also will go out of her way to make sure a student gets the extra attention they need. I know that during virtual learning she's even more focused on this as school is the only joy some of these kids have on a daily basis. On top of being a teacher, Christine is a mom to FIVE wonderful children. You'll be hard pressed not to find Christine driving her girls to gymnastics, helping all her kids with some school project, or packing up supplies for boy scouts. I don't know anyone more deserving of this fun honor than Christine.
Alexis Scheiderer
My mom is a very hard working a devoted teacher. The transition into online schooling was very rough but it is something that she adapted to very quickly. Multiple days a week she would be working late into the night to get lessons ready for her students, and answering student questions making sure nobody got left behind. Now with going back to in person school, and being able to adapt to the new policies there as well. My mother is very hard working, and I feel that she is deserving of this award.
Larissa Kennedy
My sister went from starting at the middle of the year last year to potentially not having a job this year to learning to do so much more online and then to readjust to having a room much fuller then She anticipated. She has overcome and flourished so well in the whole pandemic and not once did she complain about any of it.
Sarah Archibald
My wife is by far the best woman I’ve ever known. She has no idea I’m doing this but in hopes of her winning I am. Sarah is such a selfless woman that puts everyone before herself. And with health reasons she had to leave here job 11 months ago when my son was born. This being extremely hard on us financially it had to happen. With all of that stress on here our lovely COVID came and now with our son needing to be as safe as possible we decided to keep our daughter home to do online schooling this year. This woman never complains and just kills it. She is now a stay at home mom/teacher/wife and the absolute rock to our family. I don’t know what I would do without her. Please take consideration in choosing my wife as her winning something would be just enough to keep her going. I know she is tired and I know she’s struggling so just a little positivity would go so far for her and it would mean the world to me to see her win for once because it’s been a while. Thanks guys Trash man Kyle
Karen Patterson
My mother is the most self sacrificing, hardest working teacher that I've ever known. She absolutely loves what she does and when coronavirus hit she was so devastated that she couldn't be with her school kids and teach. Even through all of this and health issues she's kept nothing but a smile on her face and love in her heart. I feel she deserves something special and to be acknowledged.
Samantha Trick
I've been dating this girl for over two years now and I kid you not she has to be one of the hardest working women I have EVER met. Not only is she an amazing teacher but the amount of extracurriculars she does for her school astonishes me. She not only has work all day but also helps tutor after school, PTO groups, heads up summer camps for the kids.. you name it, she does it! Along with that, she comes home and makes dinner and helps clean up the house since I'm either at clinicals or working in the ER all day or night. This girl is the love of my life and she definitely deserves to be shown how amazing of a girlfriend she is and teacher!
Sara Harper
Sara is a mother of three whose oldest has just started kindergarten. She is a stay at home mom while I work and is a superhero everyday. She keeps the baby and 3 year old busy while helping our kindergarten complete her school tasks and literally never slows down. There is no doubt that our family would not function without her
Loren Martin
I work for an afterschool program, the YWCA of Columbus Kids Place Program. We are currently running a full day program. My classroom has 7 kids in it ranging from Kindergarten to 2nd grade. I help with all of their assignments and live Google Meets throughout the day. Sometimes they have art projects as well. It's a lot throughout the day. Jumping from one child to another, helping with homework and classwork. Helping with spelling, reading, math, and other subjects can get busy and hectic. I've been in touch with all of the student's teachers in regards to assignments, one on one meetings, etc. But I love every minute of it and wouldn't change it for the world!
Laura Miller
I am nominating my wife Laura Miller. I am nominated her because her daughter Catalina is transitioning to homeschooling and she is helping her daughter. At the same time she is currently in college full-time earning her degree from her country. As well as working to help with bills. it's amazing how much she has done and how much she has helped the family and at the same time still continue to get straight A's through college.
Lauren Monowar-Jones
I am a parent, a teacher and a student. All online. I teach three classes for Columbus State Community College, I have two children doing online school and I’m enrolled in a coding boot camp to get myself a full-time job.
Jessica Watters
She is a teacher's aide working working with children with disabilities. And we have 2 boys that she is working with at home during Vivid, and now she just gave birth to our daughter 3 weeks ago.
Brian Johnson
I work as the General Manager of Pizza Hut in Blacklick. We opened the store during the Covid-19 shutdowns in April and my wife shouldered the job of ensuring our children were online and in class. Sadly, she passed away suddenly on May 19th. This devastated our family. Since then, I've been balancing a 50 hour a week job running a restaurant(Being Essential sucks sometimes), and making sure a 6th grader and 2nd grader get the education they need to succeed!
My wife, Niki Rundio
My wife works 40 plus hours at home and also deals with our two kids 3 out of the 5 days. Our kids are in hi - bryd school and she helps them on her lunch and her two small breaks and then back to work. She also makes sure the other daily chores are done and dinner. She is an amazing woman and wife.
Ashley Traucht
Ashley has done so much for her visually impaired students. Spending hours carefully planning for distance learning and working eight hours straight to pack totes with supplies for their distance learning. Making sure to have the class pet as part as virtual lessons. Working to make sure the students still have her presence during this time and know she is still there for them as much as when they learned in person.
Jane Martin
Jane is the best! She teaches music at 3 elementary schools in town, accompanies the high school choir. accompanies a local childrens choir. plays organ at first Presbyterian church in Urbana. She is also a mother to four kids. She plays for peoples weddings, funerals etc.
Mark Hersman
I have 2 step daughters and a daughter in school. I help my kids with the trouble of virtual learning during this hard time.My wife has stage 4 gallbladder cancer and does chemo once a week. I help my wife and my kids plus do all the shopping, housework and cooking. Im trying my best to keep my wife and kids from this deadly virus. I'm truly deserving of this contest and very proud of the job I'm doing. Please consider me.Thank you
Katherine Swigert
I am nominating my wife, a stay at home mother of three, who has managed to home school and maintain all three children and the house during these difficult times while I work 10-12 hours a day. Truly a super hero.
Brittany kings
I’m nominating Brittany because she is a wonderful person who cares for others. She take care of her students when they need help no matter what. She is a lovely wife and I wonderful mother of a 3 years old girl, and on top of that she is a wonderful ESL teacher. She also help in the immigrant community on looking for donations for them and take it to them. She is working at the school building but before she was working online classes and taking care of our daughter. I remember when school start she was the one who track down the schedule of the bus for her students because they didn’t know anything about it and no body told them, and that wasn’t her obligation to do, but she did it for her students because she cares that much for them.
Melissa Hayes
Melissa Hayes has always demonstrated an excitement for teaching and impacting her community. Every year she walks her 2nd grade class to the fire and police departments to deliver their annual thank you cards and snow-man hot chocolate kits. She also is a mother of two daughters and one of them (Abby) has Down’s Syndrome. Melissa is very active with The Buddy Walk and other functions of Central Ohio Down’s Syndrome Society. Even though she is a Wolverine Fan, my family are honored to nominate Melissa Hayes for the 99.7 The Blitz Hot For Teacher!!!
Aimee Little
Aimee works crazy hard and loves teaching. She dedicates so much of her time to her students and still finds plenty of time for her 2 daughters and husband (who is also a hot teacher! "Tyler")
Mandy gomez
my mom works from home for 8 hours. Makes sure my brother and nephew are doing their school work. She watches my sister who has down syndrome, takes care of our dog. She cooks and cleans the house every day.
Mr Mike Moler
Everyone in the school past and present knows he rocks. He gets up early everyday and works his butt off to get the kids excited for school - and even makes kids love learning. He is actually a cool guy and gets on their level...not everyone does that. My son was not excited about learning at all but Mr Moler made it fun for him, and like so many other kids, he is now excited to go to class. I wish he could teach them every year!
Amy Funk
She's a 3rd shift supervisor and don't get off work till 3am.. Gets back up at 7am to do online schooling with 3 children while I'm working during the day.... All while still maintaining the house.... Ty..
Sydney Ross
Sydney is a very hard worker last year she became a new teacher fresh out of college and also became a softball coach and then the covid-19 dart it so she had to adjust to being a new teacher and the covid at the same time . She teaches elementary and coaches softball for high school. She loves her job.
Molly Davis
My wife is an Intervention Specialist in Olentangy Schools. From this, she does not teach a standard curriculum for her students. Rather, each child has their own plan that is updated daily. With COVID-19 she is designing and implementing both in school and online IEPs for each student-daily. This has increased her workload to where she is working 18 hour days and weekends. Additionally, her classroom has been moved from a room designed for specialized instruction to a standard room. She spent two weeks before the school year started moving all of her materials that she had in place for decades. Now two rooms of our house and the basement have tubs of books, teaching materials, etc. that she transports to and from daily based upon the needs of the students. I have no idea how she does all of this. She never complains or makes comment about the situation. Instead she focuses all of her energy on the students and also being a Mom.
Casey getter
She works full time, manages to homeschool the kids and take care of the family and house. Also launched her own tumbler cup buisness. She's always on the go
Mindy Briguglio
She's a rock star wife, mother, and now at-home teacher trying to keep our family together during these tough times. We have four children, aged 11, 5, 3, and 2. She is coaching two children through virtual school, a 6th grader with dyslexia and a Kindergartener (first time "attending" full time school) while I work full-time. In addition, she watches a friend's 2 year old a few days a week due to their jagged work schedule (if you lost count, that's now 5 children at home all day). If this wasn't enough, her closest relative her father passed away suddenly this year in his early 50s. She is managing all of this while living over 500 miles away from her family in Georgia (we've been in Ohio for just under 2 years now). When she's not busy with all of that, she is usually rocking out to AC/DC, Metallica, and anything 80's. She sports colorful hair and tattoos and makes sure our kids work before play and have an appreciation for all types of music.
Jennifer Coppola
My fiance, She quit her job to homeschool her kids because they were starting off the year remotely. On top of this, we have a toddler running around and my fiance also currently going through multiple iron infusions to treat her anemia. She would love something like this and would kill me for signing her up but she deserves it!
Kelly Jett
I'm nominating my wife, Kelly, who has been teaching since 2002. We lived in Columbus for 12 years before my career required us to relocate to the statue up north. She sacrificed her teaching job she loved to support my career. Once I had completed my 4 year project we were able to come home! Unfortunately this all happened during the pandemic. Kelly was responsible for teaching her students remotely, teaching our kids at home, keeping our house in show condition as we tried to sell it on top of putting up with me. And she absolutely dominated the adversity put in front of her. My new position started right away so she dealt with finishing the school year with our children and her students, and prepping to move mostly on her own. We were afraid it would be impossible for her to find a new job in the middle of the pandemic. Not only did she find a new job but it was the job she always wanted. Kelly had finished her Masters Degree 10 years ago but hadn't been able to use it until now. Kelly's passion for teaching shines through every day when we discuss our days. She wears the concern of her parents on her worried face and the uncertainty of her students in her heart. She worries about the quality of education to not only her students but our own children as she spends hours after she gets home from teaching to turn around and teach our children. I have no doubt this passion I see every day is what her new administration saw when she interviewed. Kelly is just the type of teachers we need to inspire our children during such tumultuous time.
Crystal lester
Well,my wife is amazing. We both share duties with homeschooling,i do it in the morning and she does it when she gets off of work. But she works for Hilliard City schools transportation,as a dispatcher and bus driver. She is so amazing at what she does at work and then to come home finish the mess I started with are kids and the home schooling. She is just amazing. I am sure i missing some things but I don't know what i would do without her! Thank you for the opportunity.
Donna Goehring
I am an educational aide at Forest Rose School and have had the pleasure of assisting in Ms. Donna’s room. Ms. Donna specializes in special education and works with senior age children. Ms. Donna is amazing! She teaches nonverbal children how to communicate with tablets, eye gaze devices, or even a button attached to the headrest of a wheelchair for children who can’t use their hands or eyes for whatever reason. She is creative and adaptable and always finds a way! Some students aren’t able to use devices so she will create pictures for every occasion allowing kids to make choices when they have no voice. Ms. Donna can also work around any behavior issue thrown her way. She knows how to keep her classroom safe and how to calm a potentially aggressive student. She will not hesitate to take someone on a bike ride or for a jump on the trampoline, or even just a hug. Not only is she a fantastic educator, being in the senior room means Ms. Donna prepares children for their next step in life- adulthood. She teaches life skills. Ms. Donna always has a drawer full of chocolates for other staff if they have a bad day or just need a pick me up. She will gladly share any of her supplies and will customize the straps on an uncomfortable face mask if you ask her! She is the best role model one could ask for and I cannot think of a more deserving person!
Heather Giles
Heather is always putting her heart into every thing she does for her students. I worked with her at another school before most of us were all laid off. She left the old job got a job a Columbus city school and did not shutter in the face of a new school in the middle of a pandemic. She created a wonderful classroom experience and faces every obstacle with a smile. The world needs more teachers like her! She loves every child and would never give up on ANYONE!
Caitie Dresch
I am nominating my wife Caitie Dresch. For the past 3 years, she has taught kindergarten in Groveport. Towards the end of last year, like every school, she had to begin teaching online. It was a very big adjustment considering we have two children, our son who is 4 and our daughter who is 1. Before the pandemic, I was working 3-4 days a week, 12 hour shifts. But once it hit, I had to start working 5 days a week, 8 hour shifts and rotate shifts every two weeks. This meant that she was home more often than not alone with both of our children (since we couldn't take them to the babysitters) while still trying to teach 20+ students. It was very stressful on her but she pulled through. Come to this school year, she was preparing to teach online while still staying at home with both of our kids. We were brainstorming every idea possible in order to find a way so she could work with no interruptions. Our plan was just to basically wing it and take it day by day. However, very recently, she interviewed and received a new job teaching 2nd grade at Madison Plains Elementary School! She is currently in class with about 15 students. Also, after her 8+ hour work day, she comes home to work with our son on his school work since he started kindergarten this year. She does this for around 3 hours, during the week. After the kids go to bed, she then works on her school work because she is currently working on her Master's Degree. She is doing an amazing job balancing all aspects of life. She doesn't complain and she gets it done daily. I tell her how much I appreciate all she does all the time but I feel like she could really hear it from someone else! Some days she seems to feel as if she isn't doing enough because the hours in the day run out and there is still stuff to do around the house. However, those things do no matter because she is doing an amazing job being our children's mother, a teacher and a student!
Brandy is a patient at the Dialysis Clinic where I am the Receptionist, Starting the 14th of September she starts home schooling her 5 year autistic son from 9 am - 3:30 pm M-F and she is working from home for the State due to COVID and she does her Dialysis treatments M,W,F 7AM- 11:00 AM. Her Mom will do her son's virtual learning on her Dialysis days... Brandy is in fear of how she will be able to take on all these challenges but does keep a positive attitude. Through all this COVID crap I feel like our patients are the heroes not us and Brandy is the leader of the SUPER HEROES!!
Kristopher Grimes
Lets hope you have enough Room for this....Talking third person is going to be something. So where do I begin, there are so many places, it could go crazy, but I will try to keep it easy. Lets start in December 2019, the Journey started pretty much then. All thought the catalyst was produced in September when the x wife decided to run off with a co worker, from Reno Nevada, left the state and Came back to Cincinnati Kentucky area. Move was made in 2018, for a job offer. OK so we begin, By this time, Kris had lost the job he had moved for. The hours were long, starting early and getting home late. Arrived late a couple of times, I mean when you are a single father, and really didnt get around to much, focusing on getting things done, new job, and everything in-between, didnt leave much time to find trust in people. so he did what he could, and that place of employment didnt seem to really care all that much of what happened, and that wouldnt grant him some time to figure things out. Mid December, Kris called his previous employer, Kern USA of Grove City OH. Asked for a position, which they were more than happy to provide. So, here Kris and his son Jesse, had to pack up what belongings they could, for a trip across the USA to Columbus Ohio. Kris did try to get some help packing things up. Needless to say, Kris and his son, packed up an F150 extended cab and a Ford Escape. most help they got was for a max of three hours from only one person. Everything else, all Kris and Jesse. Truck and escape packed, escape towed on a dolly, this trip begins on December 20. A few snags happened on the way, as they do. the morning of December 26th, Kris and Jesse arrive in Columbus. On the road, for that day that is the most important, for a 11 year old and he is sitting in a vehicle, just him and his father. I can only image how this little man feels right now. Life continued after arriving, new school familiar job and people, it wasn't to bad, but a lot has happened in a very short time, so the adjustments were slightly rough, but manageable, at that time. Trying to get Jesse out of the location we were staying at, The Arnold catches Kris's attention. Activities for the kids, thats really all it took. Thats the marker of when it became slightly more difficult than what it should have been, on top of everything else that was still being worked out. By this time, Mom had only seen the son twice. Once for his birthday, and the second to inform him that she would be moving to Mississippi. Like anything more was needed. getting off topic, sorry.. So we have a single father, his son and a new area. Granted lock down was in place, Kris has no family in the area. So, it wasn't as simple as having the son go to Grandpa's house for the day or any where else for that matter. Kris has an amazing employer, and they had no second thoughts and Jesse coming into the office on a daily basis so he could get done what he needed to. Kris still had a job to do as well. A good amount of time was spent at the office, but many times he did have to leave to respond to Maintenance calls that customers would make, when Kern equipment needed a technician for repairs and issues. So here Kris was, working and assisting his son during the lock down at the end of school year. With his employer being 100% supportive of what was going on. And this brings us to act two, which was very recent. over the forth of July weekend, Mom decides to call and drop some news and askes for help. Not going into details, but that ended with Kris driving to Mississippi, to pick up the, still married to, ready to file the papers needed, to end that status, wife. You could say saving her from a bad situation, between her and the guy she took off with from Nevada. I am going to put out there, Kris has got to be some type of stupid to agree to that, after everything that happened. Kris didnt have that type of thinking process. Tried to have her help her self and get her family involved, She didnt want to do that, and Kris didnt want anything to happen her because, well she was who she was. So, puts things on hold, employer agrees to leaving at a moments notice, and he picks her up from Mississippi, bringing her back to Columbus. It was under the notion that she would be staying around to help get things back into a better position. longer story short, she pulls a disappearing act on a Thursday morning, after getting he first full pay check, from a new job, she had for a short three weeks. Aug. 13th,. was the day. This plays a big role in the new coming school year. This is because Kris was trying to get Jesse transferred from SWCSD into the Dublin district. One would think, no problem. Well, have to think back to When the divorce was going to be filed, but wasn't. Mom, went back to Mississippi, with the same guy as before. With the divorce not being filed, this threw a Kink into the new school year. Jesse could not enroll into Dublin due to Mom not being in Ohio, and Kris not filing the papers, because of the phone call he had got back in July. Needed to show that Kris had what he needed, but didn't. So this throws everything into a limbo for Jesse to start school on time. Technically 9-8 was Jesse first day of school, blended back at SWCSD. Kris started to re enroll Jesse at SWCSD, after learning about what Dublin required, due to divorce and rights blah blah blah. Such a crap law..........It gets slightly technical here, and will not go into to much detail, Needless to say, Jesse started week and half late, which could have been longer if Kris would have not called SWCSD and spoke to them. He would have been on legal time waiting for the papers to get him into Dublin. So, as it stands now, Jesse is able to make up work in two of the classes, so far, the other teachers have not responded yet to emails sent explaining the situation. I am sure they will work something out. Either way, going forward, extra effort will be needed to get Jesse back on track, while he is still satisfying employer needs. With everything that has come to be, and the weight being carried around, and the extra that was added recently, I nominate Kristopher Grimes. to go through everything that has happened with him and his son, they both have got to be mentally drained. Things would have been 100% better if the recent occurrence didnt happen as it did. So now, what was expected to be a smother start to this school year, turned into more stress filled, than the initial shut down itself. Loper, Randi, can we Get super Hot For this Teacher?!!! Its been a long road, just a little more to go.
Dan vallette
My dad has been teaching for over 30 years in worthington. He cares so much about his students when I was a kid I thought he cared more for them and my sisters and I. He not only has reached hundreds of students but he also got 2 of his three kids into education. My sister is a teacher in Kentucky and I am a school counselor in Madison-plains. He turn down a job in the cia to become a teacher. He’s the type of teacher every child needs at some point in there life. He’s a very tough teacher. But he gets every little bit out of them and makes them better. He has never asked for anything in return through his whole life. He just wants to get the best out of everyone he meets
Courtney gronbach. AKA Mrs G.
Besides being my kick ass wife. My wife is a teacher at Avery elementary in hilliard. She is a solid leader at her school, As well as home when it comes to raising our 2 beautiful daughters. We decided to sell our home and build a house this year and currently living in apartment with majority of her work stuff in storage. My wife takes on a lot of the parent duties because I work nights and this Covid and hybrid learning hasn’t helped at all. I do what I can for this e learning stuff but she is surely leading the way teaching all 3 of us at home and her 18 students at Avery elementary. The only thing we could tell each other about this school year, it’s gonna be grind. So I’m nominating my for the grind this year.
Linda skaggs
My mom is 65 yrs old and do to the hole covid-19 mess is now helping with all the school work and materials needed for my kids who are back in school so me and my wife can work. She is now a high school teacher for my 16 yr old. A jr high teacher for my 13yr old. She's a pre school teacher for for our 5 year old who's requires special attention do to some learning disabilities. And cares for our 18month old. She's doing all this while also being the office manager for my dad's business and the secretary for the church. Any supplies or print outs need she does and provides lunch all out of her own pocket never asking for anything.
Sadie Harris
Sadie is a single parent, her 9 year old daughter is a student with Columbus City Schools, so she's supervising and assisting at home all while working remotely full time AND picking up shifts at a local coffee shop. She is Super Woman!

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