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30 Plus Years Later, We Finally Know What Teen Spirit Smells Like


Nirvana was a band that I did not appreciate until after their time had passed. 

Ask me about Kurt Cobain and I am still not convinced that his death was actually a suicide. That isn't what this is about.  Grunge was a thing. Hell, it was so big that it became its own music category. Nirvana was at the forefront of that movement, but they were not my jam. I was on the Alice In Chains, Soundgarden, Candlebox side of the genre. Despite that, the first time I heard, "Smells Like Teen Spirit," I knew it was something special. I was young kid and could have never grasped how big of an impact it would have. 

Have you ever wonder what teen spirit smelled like? Turns out, anti-perspirant.  Kurt Cobain picked the song name "Smells Like Teen Spirit" because a friend told him him that is what he smelled like. He thought that it meant something bold, out spoken or revolutionary even. She actually meant that he LITERALLY smelled like Teen Spirit deodorant. 

One can only imagine what the song might have been called if he smelled like something worse. -


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