Blitz Feedback Forum!


Time for you to give us your feedback! We'd like your opinion on some of the newer songs playing on The Blitz. We'll ask you to rate short clips from 30 different songs. Participate in The Blitz Feedback Forum and help us program Your Rock Station powered by Franklin University!

When you participate in The Blitz Feedback Forum, you have a direct impact on the music that The Blitz plays. We will also ask you other questions about the station in general to make sure we are keeping you happy! The Blitz Feedback Forum was spawned from our groundbreaking Listener Engagement project, that re-created The Blitz as you know it today!

We will get your feedback on NEW music that we are considering playing, and hey... if you don't like it... it wont get played. period. If there is stuff you like, you will hear it on The Blitz. We will also keep you input coming in on stuff we are already CURRENTLY playing... if you get burned out on something, you can let us know, and we wont play it as much... and if there is something you cant get enough of... well, we will play it more!

It is that simple! It is FREE to participate and pretty easy to get through. We will let you know when we put up new surveys and you can start PROGRAMMING YOUR ROCK STATION!

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