36th Annual Rock Hall Of Fame Induction Details have been Announced


For the first time, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame will hold their annual induction ceremony at the home of the NBA's Cleveland Cavaliers. The Hall made the announcement that it will be held at Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse. Nominees for induction this year feature 16 big names, including Foo Fighters, RATM and Iron Maiden. Fans can cast votes for nominees online via https://vote.rockhall.com/ up until April 30th. The ceremony is scheduled for October 30th. Official inductees will be announced this May.

This year's nominees include:
Mary J. Blige
Kate Bush
Foo Fighters
The Go-Go's
Iron Maiden
Chaka Khan
Carole King
Fela Kuti
LL Cool J
New York Dolls
Rage Against The Machine
Todd Rundgren
Tina Turner
Dionne Warwick

Breakdown of The Legendary Cringe of "Rock of Love"


 Hard to believe it's been almost 15 years since "Rock of Love" debuted on VH1 and it has not aged well. One of those shows I vaguely remember tuning into, but remember almost no details. There's good reason for that. The show was a complete mess, as this gentleman on Youtube points out. Some of the gold includes...

"He looks like the ultimate Hatebreed fan, straight out of Bass Pro Shop..."


"He's like Synyster Gates infused with the essence of Zeus."

The comments on the video also deliver. Let's all hope cable networks learn their lesson from this and keep celebrity dating shows limited to Flava Flav and absolutely no one else. Enjoy the breakdown.

I like organs...especially when they're wearing white body suits and boots! WAIT! WHAT? Have a look at Greta Van Fleet's spacey new video for "Heat Above".

It's a LIVE ONE filmed in Nashville! Greta released the video for "Heat Above," from their new album "The Battle At Garden's Gate", due out April 16th.

"'Heat Above' is theatrical, eloquent, and exaggerated. This is a dream in the clouds, a moment of peace in the storm. Thematically, we are dead center in the cult of Heaven, surreal, strange, alive and free. There was a lot of self-evolution happening during the writing of this album that was prompted by experiences I had, experiences we all had." - Greta Van Fleet

The Battle at Garden's Gate track listing:
1. "Heat Above"
2. "My Way, Soon"
3. "Broken Bells"
4. "Built by Nations"
5. "Age of Machine"
6. "Tears of Rain"
7. "Stardust Chords"
8. "Light My Love"
9. "Caravel"
10. "The Barbarians"
11. "Trip the Light Fantastic"

12. "The Weight of Dreams" 

Dave Grohl and His Mom are teaming up to do some stuff on TV that looks super interesting and it's Non Scripted!!


Dave Grohl, Foo Fighter and former Nirvana drummer, and his mom Virginia Hanlon Grohl, are going to co-host the new non-scripted docu-series 'From Cradle to Stage' that looks at the relationships between musicians and their moms. The Grohls will appear alongside other famous musicians and their mothers to recall the notable moments in their upbringings. The six-part series is based off her 2017 book, "From Cradle To Stage: Stories From The Mothers Who Rocked And Raised Rock Stars." It's one of 36 original series set to launch on March 4th on the new streaming service Paramount-plus (formerly known as CBS All Access). 

in 2017 Strand Books did a QnA Conversation thing with Dave and his Mom at the release to introduce the New Book...Take a look...

Deftones updated and released their “White Pony” Video Arcade Game Inspired by ‘Pac-Man' and You can play it here with the chance to earn a bonus discount on merch.


In celebration of the 'White Pony/Black Stallion' Vinyl being out, they've launched the Deftones 'White Pony/Black Stallion' Arcade Game! This is a throwback to the original game the band released 20 years ago around the initial release of their platinum-certified album 'White Pony' as part of an enhanced CD-ROM with bonus content, including a 'Pac-Man' inspired video game. The Deftones' 20th anniversary super deluxe box set edition of "White Pony" and its companion remix album "Black Stallion" have the band revisiting that game. Fans that 'Beat' the game are awarded a coupon code for 20% for either music store or merch store.

The band also posted a pretty awesome vinyl unboxing which you can view below as well. 


Deftones – White Pony x Black Stallion Arcade

Play the Deftones White Pony x Black Stallion Arcade game for a chance to receive an exclusive discount code in our webstores.