Pay-It-Forward Meals

A small, family-owned restaurant in Toronto has started offering free meals to anybody who needs one. It's a place called Samaira's Kitchen. The owner started doing it last week, and it quickly became a community effort.

He taped receipts to his front window with a sign that said, "If you are hungry and have no money, these meals have been paid for in advance." You just grab a receipt, hand it to a server, and they bring you a meal. 

As soon as the receipts went up, people started asking how to help. So now customers are donating a ton of meals. The restaurant gave out about 300 of them the first week alone. 

So THIS happened during the Sold Out Mammoth WVH concert at the Bluestone!!

Dude was holding up a sign during the show...Wolf asked "You Play Guitar?"...Dude said "Hell Yes"...Wolf says "Come On Up My Man"...Wolf takes off HIS guitar and hands it to Dude...Dude noodles around a bit...Dude proceeds to play "Don't Back Down" for the finale with the band while Wolfie sings! Crowd Goes Wild! IT WAS AWESOME! And Here's the Video! ENJOY! (This Dude that Slayed it is Trace Tackett and he's damn good!) 

Mammoth WVH and Hurricane Nita Strauss, both had AMAZBALLZ SETS! SHREDFEST 2023, PRESENTED by The 99.7 Blitz! 

UPDATE: Bands post has been deleted. (SLIPKNOT are parting ways with drummer Jay Weinberg)


Possibly some backtracking by the band? Not sure. The original post has been taken down. I'll be over here with some popcorn....

[The statement is still up in the "News" section of their official website. A similar thing happened back in June when keyboardist Craig Jones was booted from the band, as they posted it on their social media and then removed the posts shortly afterwards.]


Slipknot have parted ways with longtime drummer Jay Weinberg, as just announced on social media.

Jay played his final show with SLIPKNOT this past Friday (November 3) at the Hell & Heaven festival in Toluca, Mexico.

He is the son of longtime Bruce Springsteen drummer Max Weinberg. He toured as a drummer with Bruce Springsteen's E Street Band, substituting for his father in 2009. 

It's Official - ‘Cut My Life Into Pizzas’ Pizza Cutter from Papa Roach


The pizza memes for "Last Resort" have been epic! Now here comes the real thing from Papa Roach! In fact, they're going all in with their line of 'Broken Home Goods'. That name is a nod to "Broken Home", the second single, from their 3x multi-platinum sophomore album, "Infest". Featured among that line is The Official 'Cut My Life Into Pizza' Cutter. If it's a must have for you or somebody you know - Go Here You may also enjoy trying PAPA'S ROAST EGO DRIP COFFEE!

The Official 'Cut My Life Into Pizza' Cutter now available at Broken HomeGoods 🍕

2 1/2" blade, large enough to cut through any pizza crust. Thumb guard to prevent injury while cutting quickly. Product size 9". Complies with FDA, Food Grade. 9" L

Dave Grohl's 'The Storyteller' released as Deluxe version Paperback with Extra's

Just Released, the deluxe paperback edition further showcases Dave's love of writing, but also his appreciation for his fans, offering a wide variety of extra content, including:

- The story of when Dave first met Paul McCartney, previously an audiobook exclusive *An essay on how Dave approaches creativity (here's a hint: you don't have to think outside of the box when you can just ignore the box altogether)

- A series of prompts to inspire readers to jump into their own creative pursuits *Dave's playlists for early morning pancake making, manning the grill, and getting behind the wheel and blasting the tunes

- An in-depth examination of the creation of four Foo Fighters favorites, including the inspiration behind the lyrics and how Dave and these songs have grown together

THE STORYTELLER redefined the parameters of the music memoir. With this paperback, the legacy continues.