BEARTOOTH: New Video + Tour Details & How to Win Tix to their Only Ohio Date

Beartooth's 5th studio album "The Surface" is officially out and they shared the music video for the track, "I Was Alive". Caleb Shomo says the song is, "about the fact that none of this lasts forever and we get one ride on this crazy journey we're on, so we've got to give it everything we've got." Caleb has also said he thinks it's the best song he's ever written. Check out the 'Celeb in a casket' video below.

Beartooth has announced a 2024 tour in support of their new album which kicks off January 12 in Cincinnati at Andrew J. Brady Music Center and concludes March 14 in Fort Wayne, Indiana. When they head back on the road this Winter & Spring they're bringing THE PLOT IN YOU, Invent Animate, and Sleep Theory along for the ride! Tickets go on sale this Friday at 10am local time.

"I cannot wait to get back on tour and play a bunch of new songs for a bunch of amazing fans," says frontman Caleb Shomo. "We're gonna play loud, hot, and fast, and serve up all the new stuff like you've never seen before." - Caleb Shomo

For the full list of dates and all ticket info, visit

Next week (Mon 10/23 - Fri 10/27) I'm giving away pairs of tix for the January 12 Cincy show! Listen in the 5 O'Clock Hour during the #BigAssChunkOfNonstopBlitzRock for your chance to win! 🎫🔥 

Shinedown To Release Packed 2011 Live Album On Vinyl


Shinedown announced that their 2011 live album, Somewhere In The Stratosphere, will be available for the first time on vinyl on December 8th.

The limited edition red, black, and beige splattered 4 LP set includes the band's multi-platinum hit single "Second Chance" and their platinum single "If You Only Knew" as well as covers of Foo Fighters' "Times Like These" and Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Simple Man."

Somewhere In The Stratosphere is comprised of two full live concerts… an electric set from Washington State and an acoustic set from Kansas City.

Shinedown is currently on a 25-date tour, promoting their seventh studio album, Planet Zero

LP 1:

  • A1. Intro (Scary Fairy) (Live from Washington State)
  • A2. Sound of Madness (Live from Washington State)
  • A3. Devour (Live from Washington State)
  • A4. I Dare You (Live from Washington State)
  • A5. Cyanide Sweet Tooth Suicide (Live from Washington State)
  • A6. If You Only Knew (Live from Washington State)
  • B1. Diamond Eyes (Boom-Lay Boom Boom-Lay Boom) (Live from Washington State)
  • B2. 45 (Live from Washington State)
  • B3. Burning Bright (Live from Washington State)
  • B4. Heroes (Live from Washington State)

LP 2:

  • C1. The Crow & The Butterfly (Live from Washington State)
  • C2. Her Name Is Alice (Live from Washington State)
  • C3. Save Me (Live from Washington State)
  • C4. Left Out (Live from Washington State)
  • D1. Simple Man (Live from Washington State)
  • D2. Fly From The Inside (Live from Washington State)
  • D3. Second Chance (Live from Washington State)

LP 3:

  • E1. Heroes (Live from Kansas City)
  • E2. Save Me (Live from Kansas City)
  • E3. If You Only Knew (Live from Kansas City)
  • E4. Sound of Madness (Live from Kansas City)
  • F1. Shed Some Light (Live from Kansas City)
  • F2. 45 (Live from Kansas City)
  • F3. I Dare You (Live from Kansas City)
  • F4. Times Like These (Live from Kansas City)

LP 4:

  • G1. The Crow & The Butterfly (Live from Kansas City)
  • G2. Burning Bright (Live from Kansas City)
  • G3. Devour (Live from Kansas City)
  • G4. Call Me (Live from Kansas City)
  • H1. Fly From The Inside (Live from Kansas City)
  • H2. With A Little Help From My Friends (Live from Kansas City)
  • H3. Simple Man (Live from Kansas City)
  • H4. Second Chance (Live from Kansas City)

Judas Priest Drops New Single 'Panic Attack' Ahead of Album Release


Judas Priest just released a new single called "Panic Attack", off of their upcoming album Invincible Shield that drops on March 8th of 2023.

Guitarist Richie Faulkner says "It's '70s Priest, but it's not a retro album, by any means. It's the influence of '70s Priest in the progressive sense, but it sounds like Priest in 2023."

New music from Mike Shinoda "Already Over"


Mike Shinoda captained the new release of a second music pack for VR game 'Beat Saber'. In addition to tracks from Linkin Park, that pack also features cuts from Shinoda's solo work and his Fort Minor project.

"I'm beyond excited to once again be partnering with Beat Saber to give fans and players even more music by me, Linkin Park, and Fort Minor, and I'm especially excited to share my new single 'Already Over' through the platform. It's an honor that Linkin Park is the first band to have a second music pack and I hope everyone enjoys playing the new tracks." - Mike Shinoda

This newly released track is among the songs featured in that pack, here's what's all included:

Mike Shinoda – "Already Over"
Linkin Park – "Crawling"
Linkin Park – "Fighting Myself"
Mike Shinoda & Kaliee Morgue – "In My Head"
Linkin Park – "Lost"
Linkin Park – "More The Victim"
Jay-Z & Linkin Park – "Numb/Encore"
Fort Minor – "Remember The Name" (feat. Styles of Beyond)

Here's the Visualizer...Directed & Animated by: Dusty Deen Visuals Contributed by: Mike Shinoda, Frank Maddocks, Mark Fiore, Mike Miller

Did you see the new Barbie Movie? THIS is BETTER! Avenged Sevenfold - "Mattel" (Official Video)


TWISTED AND WEIRD ALL THE WAY! This A7X video is so great (and disturbing) that it's the 'must watch' for today!! The guys teamed up with the #robotchicken crew for their new single "Mattel" And there is no way in hell that Barbie is getting approved!

After releasing a series of video skits being acted out with Mattel toys, ('Barbie', 'Masters Of The Universe' and more) Avenged Sevenfold have dropped their official "Mattel" music video. 

The Barbie Dreamhouse turns into the Barbie Nightmarehouse! The Barbie-Doll-Demented video features lots of doll nudity, drug use and fiery explosions. Avenged Sevenfold would have it no other way! Also, A7X frontman M. Shadows imagine himself as a doll, singing, "My vinyl skin provides protection/It holds in place my plastic bones" and "I've smelled the plastic daisies/And it seems we've found ourselves in hell."  

Avenged dropped their current studio album, "Life Is But A Dream…" back in June. They are on their headlining tour with Falling In Reverse and Kim Dracula, with appearances at Louisville, KY – Louder Than Life 9/23 and Sacramento, CA – Aftershock 10/5 

Close your eyes kids. Adults, watch the "Mattel" video here! BURN IT ALL DOWN!