ARCHITECTS are Seeing Red!


And fans are going batshit for the return of Sam Carters' "blegh" noises \m/\m/

Architects have released a new single, and announced a headline tour around their appearances at Sonic Temple Sunday May 19th and Welcome to Rockville.

The single is called "Seeing Red" and its their first new music since guitarist Josh Middleton was ousted in May.

The tour starts May 2nd in Toronto and wraps up May 18th in Detroit. Tickets go on sale Friday. 

GHOST quietly released a greatest hits album with one very rare track (video/spotify link)

Ghost's new '13 Commandments' compilation includes "Zenith" a b-side from the 'Meliora' vinyl release, which was previously unavailable on streaming services.

Phantom Of The Opera – an Iron Maiden cover taken from Ghost's latest release, the Phantomime EP – also appears on 13 Commandments.

Ghost finished touring to promote their 2022 album, Impera, in October.

In a recent interview with Hammer, singer and mastermind Tobias Forge (AKA Papa Emeritus) announced his desire to use footage recorded at Ghost's two September shows in Los Angeles to make a movie based on the band.

"We were essentially shooting a film, and we used two nights of crowds as extras… It's going to be a film with a concert element. So a lot of what you experienced [at the two LA shows] is going to be part of this project."

When asked if the Ghost film will be similar to Metallica's Through The Never, which combined concert footage with blockbuster-like action segments, Forge replied:  "In the sense that it's a concert with something else combined."

"We wish to inform you that these times call for a divine compilation of some of Ghost's most sinful psalms and the most observant shall find the wider release of Ghost's cult tune 'Zenith'. Ghost's 13 Commandments: so let it be written, so let it be done." - GHOST

01 – "Square Hammer"
02 – "Year Zero"
03 – "Mary On A Cross"
04 – "Call Me Little Sunshine"
05 – "Darkness At The Heart Of My Love"
06 – "Dance Macabre"
07 – "Rats"
08 – "Spillways"
09 – "Cirice"
10 – "If You Have Ghosts" (Roky Erickson cover)
11 – "He Is"
12 – "Zenith"

13 – "Phantom Of The Opera" 

Look How Michael Jackson Influenced The Rock Genre


 41 Years ago Michael Jackson released his iconic Thriller album. At the time, there wasn't much crossover between rock and pop. Barely any at all. This was the album that broke that boundary. Eddie Van Halen plays the guitar riff on, "Beat It," but that would only be the start of Michael's influence. At the time, music videos were little more than performance clips. Some of them had bad early 80s graphics, others were strange sci-fi type things, but barely any of them could be called cinematic. Thriller was a 13 min small film. It had a plot, special effects, and cost almost a million dollars to make. A price tag that was absolutely unheard of at the time.  

 Thriller was the game changer. Videos became stories and influenced the way we heard our favorite songs. Some of them became more controversial than ever before.   While "Closer" was already an intense song, the video goes even further with images of animal violence, twisted religious imagery, and sexual paraphernalia. Nine Inch Nails' made us all take a closer look in 94. 

Metallica used the video to tell some pretty wild stories. They were fans of, "Johnny Got His Gun," and used movie clips in the video for One. That was only the start. They would continue telling cool visual stories with the majority of their albums. The Unforgiven series being one of the more noteworthy ones... 

When Nirvana hit, glam rock videos were ending and a lot of acts were not sure how to use videos. Smells Like Teen Spirit gets all the attention, but Heart Shaped Box ranks as one of the most controversial videos of the time.

 Guns N Roses even went artsy with their videos from the Use Your Illusion albums. Many people believe this was the beginning of the end for them. The guys wanted to play music, bang chicks, and party. Axel Rose did too, but also wanted to swim with dolphins among other things. 

Korn, Disturbed, Linkin Park, and dozens of others put out some really cool videos. Despite MTV rarely playing videos anymore, bands still find away to create some pretty cool visual stories. Maybe this would have all turned out the same without Thriller, but we'll never know. Michael Jackson's creativity and drive certainly changed the game. Personally, I always loved this one from Stone Sour... 

Shinedown Reads Fan Stories About 'Being Human' During 'The Library Sessions'


Shinedown just posted a video called "The Library Sessions" to help raise money for The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

It's about 20 minutes of acoustic performances of "A Symptom Of Being Human" and "Get Up", and in between they read stories from fans about "being human" that they posted at You can share your story there too.

One Minute Your Dropping a Deuce In a Porta John...The Next Someone Pulls a Gun On You


Police in Evansville, IN said a man stopped to use a porta potty, at a car dealership, last Sunday. He was car shopping with his wife and the need to take care of business arose. When he exited the toilet, he found himself surrounded and suddenly 58 year old David Townsell pulled a gun on the poor dude.  

His wife called the police and recapped the situation. After searching the area, police found the weapon inside a business. Townsell was arrested for intimidation. The gentlemen grabbed a magazine and finished what he came there to do. Ok, we made that last part up, but the whole thing was a pretty crappy situation.