'He Is The Real Iron Man' - Watch The Trailer for the Ozzy Documentary Coming Soon


The trailer for Ozzy's documentary Biography: The Nine Lives Of Ozzy Osbourne, is AMAZING.  It will premiere at the South By Southwest festival this Spring.  You can also watch it on A&E on their biography series sometime this summer.  It's all things Ozzy and the trailer itself is eyeopening and just bad ass.  There's actual footage of his career during his Black Sabbath days.  It's super candid and I can't wait to see it the full documentary!



​Doesn't it really just irritate you when someone says that they can do something and can't? Well of course it does and here is ten people who think they can do something well but obviously cannot. Viewer discretion advice there is a lot of mutilation of rifs, cords and the overall sanctity of guitars! 

Hear Ozzy's New Track With Elton John and More


 Soooo Ozzy's new album Ordinary Man will be released on February 21st and the title track features freaking Elton John!  He plays piano and sings on the track...AND SLASH plays a solo... with Duff McKagan! Oh and Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith plays on  the track as well. They all lend a hand on the LP too!  Listen to "Ordinary Man" below:

Fast And The Furious: Buggy Drift


 This horse and buggy went full fast and furious in the snow!!!!

Foo Fighters Taylor Hawkins on Vocals and Dave Grohl on Drums


Foo Fighters Drummer Taylor Hawkins created a band called The Coattail Riders and they sound real good.  Hawkins and Grohl went on Jimmy Kimmel Live on January 7th and Grohl was on drums and Hawkins sang vocals with help from Jane's Addiction frontman Perry Ferrell.  

Get The Money is Hawkins' third LP with the Coattail Riders and it came out last November. Grohl and Farrell are featured on the album, along with Joe Walsh, Pat Smear, Roger Taylor, Duff McKagan and more.

Hawkins is still a true FOO and will return to work on the Foo Fighter's 10th studio album this year.