Once Upon a Time, War Stopped for Xmas


In December of 1914, we were in the midst of World War I. The front lines and trenches were not the place that anyone would want to spend a holiday or any other day. This story has taken to some myth over the years. How it happened is dependent upon which story you've heard. Make no mistake, it did happen. For one night, all was calm and there was peace. 

 Some believe that a single solder climbed out of the trench and sang Silent Night. The soldiers on both sides joined in and when the song was over, they continued the business of war.  So what did happen? As the German soldiers lit their lanterns and displayed them on the edge of their trenches, carol singing broke out. Soon enough the British and French troops joined in. Christmas greetings and well wishes were exchanged, and offers of a temporary ceasefire were communicated between the trenches. There is rumor that a soccer match took place as well. It was a long time ago. The details are not exact, but there was an unlikely truce on the eve of Christmas 1914. 

The cool thing was, normal men decided to do this. They stopped war. No politicians, no world leaders, and no hostility. Just normal dudes, who decided not to follow orders and just celebrate the holiday.  

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Delivering Packages Ain't Easy


 We had pretty good discussion this morning about delivery drivers. Those people are working seven days a week and not being paid what they should be in most cases.  An Amazon driver is going viral for listing the top three things she wishes we'd stop ordering online. Let's be honest, we really don't need EVERYTHING delivered. Handicap, injured, and elderly being the exception. You can check out what she had to say here... 


Amazon Driver Shares 3 Items She Doesnt Get Paid Enough To Deliver | YourTango

An Amazon delivery driver, Jennifer Monique, has urged customers to consider the challenges faced by drivers during the holiday season and refrain from ordering these three specific items.

 On a typical day, Amazon drivers deliver up to 350 packages. It is tough because even though it is their job to deliver things, they are delivering more than ever before. It used to be people at least got Sundays and one other day a week off. That is not the case anymore. The postal service is its own set of problems and we won't go there. When it comes to Amazon, those drivers are usually sub-contracted. They don't get Amazon wages, benefits, or perks. Some of the don't have time to go to the bathroom so they go in bottles. They are being monitored by camera. Not to mention, they cram those vans full of packages and rush drivers to get everything delivered. It is pretty wild, don't take my word for it, check this out... 

In an effort to be fair, let's hear from the other side of this particular coin... 

if you do get things delivered often, help those people out. Keep your yard cleaned up. Make your porch easy to get to. Leave them a water bottle or two. If you can't carry something by yourself, the driver might not be able to either. 

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Philly Now Has an Official Rocky Balboa Day


77 year old Sly Stallone went back to the steps that made him a household name. He spoke to a crowd at the Philly Art Museum for Philadelphia's first-ever Rocky Day. For a long time, there actually was a statue there. Stallone said he ran those steps a bunch of times when he was a younger man. It is definitely an iconic cinematic moment. I mean, it is hard not to appreciate a good Rocky training montage. It is even harder not to appreciate a good Rocky speech. 

Rocky Balboa might one of the most popular boxers in American sports history.  He was damn near responsible for ending the Cold War. 

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Look How Michael Jackson Influenced The Rock Genre


 41 Years ago Michael Jackson released his iconic Thriller album. At the time, there wasn't much crossover between rock and pop. Barely any at all. This was the album that broke that boundary. Eddie Van Halen plays the guitar riff on, "Beat It," but that would only be the start of Michael's influence. At the time, music videos were little more than performance clips. Some of them had bad early 80s graphics, others were strange sci-fi type things, but barely any of them could be called cinematic. Thriller was a 13 min small film. It had a plot, special effects, and cost almost a million dollars to make. A price tag that was absolutely unheard of at the time.  

 Thriller was the game changer. Videos became stories and influenced the way we heard our favorite songs. Some of them became more controversial than ever before.   While "Closer" was already an intense song, the video goes even further with images of animal violence, twisted religious imagery, and sexual paraphernalia. Nine Inch Nails' made us all take a closer look in 94. 

Metallica used the video to tell some pretty wild stories. They were fans of, "Johnny Got His Gun," and used movie clips in the video for One. That was only the start. They would continue telling cool visual stories with the majority of their albums. The Unforgiven series being one of the more noteworthy ones... 

When Nirvana hit, glam rock videos were ending and a lot of acts were not sure how to use videos. Smells Like Teen Spirit gets all the attention, but Heart Shaped Box ranks as one of the most controversial videos of the time.

 Guns N Roses even went artsy with their videos from the Use Your Illusion albums. Many people believe this was the beginning of the end for them. The guys wanted to play music, bang chicks, and party. Axel Rose did too, but also wanted to swim with dolphins among other things. 

Korn, Disturbed, Linkin Park, and dozens of others put out some really cool videos. Despite MTV rarely playing videos anymore, bands still find away to create some pretty cool visual stories. Maybe this would have all turned out the same without Thriller, but we'll never know. Michael Jackson's creativity and drive certainly changed the game. Personally, I always loved this one from Stone Sour... 

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One Minute Your Dropping a Deuce In a Porta John...The Next Someone Pulls a Gun On You


Police in Evansville, IN said a man stopped to use a porta potty, at a car dealership, last Sunday. He was car shopping with his wife and the need to take care of business arose. When he exited the toilet, he found himself surrounded and suddenly 58 year old David Townsell pulled a gun on the poor dude.  

His wife called the police and recapped the situation. After searching the area, police found the weapon inside a business. Townsell was arrested for intimidation. The gentlemen grabbed a magazine and finished what he came there to do. Ok, we made that last part up, but the whole thing was a pretty crappy situation. 

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