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Brawl At Walt Disney World Caught on Camera


Sorry.  You're getting a Friday rant from your boy, Kirsch.  What the hell is wrong with people?  I feel like someone has got to say it might as well be ME on my little ol' Blitz blog.  Maybe someone will see it and maybe someone will share it and maybe someone will learn from it.

Remember in Back to the Future II when Biff got a hold of the sports almanac?  I feel like that's what we're living in right now - Biff's Alternate 1985.  Where everything bad is good.  It HAS TO stop.  

Check out the video below.  Mickey Mouse had to be called in to break up a massive fight right in the middle of his house on Wednesday.

Two brawling families turned Disney World's Magic Kingdom into an MMA event with kicks and punches thrown for several minutes before security, and eventually police officers, arrived to separate everybody. The melee occurred in the Orlando park's Fantasyland area outside of Mickey's PhilharMagic theater show. Witnesses say the families were all waiting in line when one woman left to retrieve her phone from her electric mobility scooter. When she returned to rejoin her family, the other family tried to block her from getting back into the line.

When the show was over, the woman's family waited outside the theater for the other family and they immediately came to blows. One of the men involved had to be taken to the hospital with facial lacerations. It's unclear whether any arrests were made.

Here's the video (***language***)

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