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This Creed Reunion Is Built On a Lot of Drama


Let's delve into the drama history of Creed. 

Creed has spent a lot of years being a punchline. They also spent some time as the biggest band in the world. The first couple of albums rocked pretty hard. They were never as metal as a band like Pantera, but they did their part to keep rock going in the late 90s. At a time of boy bands, new metal, and hip hop, Creed championed the rock cause. As hot as they were, they burned out quick. A lot of it had to do with front man Scott Stapp. They tried the reunion once before. Back in 2009 they gave it a go and it didn't work out so well. It drove even more of a riff between Stapp and Mark Tremonti. Mark didn't have a lot of good things to say a few years back....

Scott Stapp went through some stuff. He thought the government was after him, battled drugs, and really had a public mental breakdown. There were rumors that he had got help, but it didn't fix the band. I remember running into Scott Stapp in Vegas. He looked like he was doing a lot better. You gotta give him credit for addressing his issues head on.  

Time will tell. Personally, I am rooting for them. I like Creed. I think this tour can be a lot of fun and the guys seem to be into it. So perhaps we will all be waiting, "With Arms Wide Open." See what I did there - Lewis 

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