D.J. Ashba has a new project!!!! Former guitarist of Guns N Roses was, who was with them from 2009-2015, also the current guitarist of Sixx Am. has released a couple music videos but of a different genre! The genre is EDM now for those of you who do not know that's known as Electronic Dance Music. D.J. Ashba said he ,"I would go to a lot of EDM concerts, and their shows are so over the top and, you know, all these young kids just losing their minds, right? And the one thing that I've noticed is … it lacks guitar, you know, and I saw an opportunity, like five years ago..." Now, D.J. is also a music producer, he owns his own company called Ashba Media Inc. So he is well versed with numerous genres and here's quite a bit of what's goin on.

Did you see this coming though? A former Guns N Roses guitarist playing along with EDM music well you don't have to wonder what it sounds like watch two music videos below and find out for yourself what its all about!