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Helping Nicki & Her Family During Recovery

Blitz Nation, one of our own needs our help. Our dear friend Nicki is battling acute liver failure and has been in and out of hospice care while waiting for a liver transplant because she's in end stage. 

Doctors say it's hereditary and she doesn't know her biological family so she had no idea she could have this condition. 

She doesn't qualify for a liver because her kidneys aren't working properly and she doesn't qualify for a kidney because her liver isn't working properly.

She works at the Darby Sunoco in Hilliard and that's where I met her. She is the most kind, funny and cool as hell human who would do anything for anyone.

Her husband battled cancer for the last two years (and kicked it's ass) and she's been the sole provider for him and her son.

She can't work much right now but she STILL COMES IN! When she does, you can tell she's not feeling well but she always has a smile on her face. 

She makes sure The Blitz is playing throughout the store every day she's working. She's part of our Blitz family and I know how much her and her family would appreciate our help during this difficult time. Last thing anyone should worry about is finances at a time like this. No donation is too small! 

Click the link below for her GoFundMe


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