Since we are finally getting back to normal, in some regards, concerts have been happening more and more often and the local bands are finally returning back. Getting their chance to shine over at the Basement is a Columbus favorite Pray For Sleep! Grant, Reno, and Hayden blowing Columbus' mind once again with songs like 'Scream Back'. It so good to see local bands and up and coming bands that have a certain factor about them that has all the heads nodding along and enjoying the sights and sounds of the music! The moments that you see people in the crowd that do not always nod along with songs seem to just headbang along with Pray for sleep. Like I said these guys have something about them that just makes you want to jam out with them day and night! Then when you add in a drum solo from Reno part way through gives some juice to the crowd! Plus, these guys do so much for mental health its inspiring and really shows and gives hope to those who fight a very tough battle. 

What are they going to do moving forward? Well they are trying to work on a new EP and if you'd like to help them out they do have a kickstarter up!!! check them out on their socials to get more info! @prayforsleepband on instagram, twitter and facebook!

A little surprise from the night was a band from Toledo that played right before Pray for Sleep and that is a band called Alien Carnival. It's interesting that out of this surreal year you hear a band that is kind of a throwback to old school hard rock, well from the early 2000s. With guitar solos and a smoothness of a new band that could have something! Also, when you have a bassist with glow in the dark strings always grabs your attention. 

If you want to check out their material their socials are @aliencarnvivalband!

Columbus is thriving I cannot wait to see what else is coming our way in the Capital city!