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The World's Best Mullet Championship

World's Best Mullett

Sure, the NBA, NHL, MLB and others cancelled their competitions.  But you can officially breathe a sigh of relief my friend...because the world was able to sneak this super-important competition in just before everything got cancelled due to the Coronavirus.  

The most disappointing part about the 2020 champ?  He's BRITISH!  I feel like someone from Arkansas, Mississippi or Chillicothe should hold the title each and every year!  WTH Chilli??

A 31-year-old British guy named Rob Ayton has been crowned for having the world's best mullet haircut. Rob, who got his first mullet cut three years ago, won the award for Best International Mullet at the annual Mulletfest, held in the city of Kurri Kurri in Australia.

Here's the link to the story - and pics of the winner in all of his glorious, mullet-covered beauty!

Prepare yourself.  There's a dime of a mullet in your near future...
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