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Maynard James Keenan and Army Roommate Reunite After 40yrs


If were being honest, Maynard James Keenan is a different kind of dude. 

He is not an easy interview, he is said to be a little difficult to work with, and sometimes will not even face the crowd during a show. That being said, Tool has left their mark on the rock world. Prior to singing in Tool, back in 82, Maynard was in the US Army.  

 Maynard celebrated his 59th birthday back in April and wanted one thing in particular. He wanted to reunite with his former Army roommate. He served for two years and was actually on the path of a military career, but obviously went in a different direction.  He did his basic in Oklahoma and roomed with a soldier named Jeff Parks. Their lives went in different directions and they lost contact with one another. Maynard decided to ask his Instagram followers to help track him down. They found him and after 40 years, the two reunited! 

Maynard shared the story on his Instagram for Veterans Day. He is currently on tour with Tool until spring.  

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