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Once Upon a Time, War Stopped for Xmas


In December of 1914, we were in the midst of World War I. The front lines and trenches were not the place that anyone would want to spend a holiday or any other day. This story has taken to some myth over the years. How it happened is dependent upon which story you've heard. Make no mistake, it did happen. For one night, all was calm and there was peace. 

 Some believe that a single solder climbed out of the trench and sang Silent Night. The soldiers on both sides joined in and when the song was over, they continued the business of war.  So what did happen? As the German soldiers lit their lanterns and displayed them on the edge of their trenches, carol singing broke out. Soon enough the British and French troops joined in. Christmas greetings and well wishes were exchanged, and offers of a temporary ceasefire were communicated between the trenches. There is rumor that a soccer match took place as well. It was a long time ago. The details are not exact, but there was an unlikely truce on the eve of Christmas 1914. 

The cool thing was, normal men decided to do this. They stopped war. No politicians, no world leaders, and no hostility. Just normal dudes, who decided not to follow orders and just celebrate the holiday.  

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