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Real Life Wedding Crasher Gets Nailed For Stealing Thousands


  You may remember when Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn taught us a little something bout crashing weddings. They did it for good clean fun and to pick up girls. 57 year old Sandra Henson was a crasher with a different agenda. 

 She's been walking into strangers' wedding receptions for at least six years . . . in at least three states: Alabama, Tennessee, and Mississippi . . . and stealing from the bride, groom, AND their guests.

She digs through purses, while guests are distracted during "memorable moments," and she also snatches presents off gift tables . . . and has made off with tens of thousands of dollars in cash, credit cards, and gifts. Pretty sure she didn't go with the balloon animal thing.  Take a look at her mug shot... 

Thank God she didn't try this at funerals. I am pretty sure this type of law breaking is not what the great Chaz Reinhold had in mind.  

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