Deftones updated and released their “White Pony” Video Arcade Game Inspired by ‘Pac-Man' and You can play it here with the chance to earn a bonus discount on merch.


In celebration of the 'White Pony/Black Stallion' Vinyl being out, they've launched the Deftones 'White Pony/Black Stallion' Arcade Game! This is a throwback to the original game the band released 20 years ago around the initial release of their platinum-certified album 'White Pony' as part of an enhanced CD-ROM with bonus content, including a 'Pac-Man' inspired video game. The Deftones' 20th anniversary super deluxe box set edition of "White Pony" and its companion remix album "Black Stallion" have the band revisiting that game. Fans that 'Beat' the game are awarded a coupon code for 20% for either music store or merch store.

The band also posted a pretty awesome vinyl unboxing which you can view below as well. 


Deftones – White Pony x Black Stallion Arcade

Play the Deftones White Pony x Black Stallion Arcade game for a chance to receive an exclusive discount code in our webstores.
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Watch Deftones New Video For “Teenager” Remixed By Robert Smith from The Cure.


On December 11th look for Deftones 'Black Stallion' album to be released. It's a new remix of their 'White Pony' record. "Black Stallion" will be released alongside a 20th anniversary edition version of "White Pony". Here's a taste with the video for "Teenager". This one was remixed by The Cure frontman Robert Smith. Deftones vocalist Chino Moreno talked about the new remix with NME. 

"It's amazing to hear Robert rework one of our songs and sneak his voice in there," Moreno said. "If you'd have told me that when I was 15 years old, I would have lost my fucking mind and not believed a word you were saying. It was a dream."
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