So THIS happened during the Sold Out Mammoth WVH concert at the Bluestone!!

Dude was holding up a sign during the show...Wolf asked "You Play Guitar?"...Dude said "Hell Yes"...Wolf says "Come On Up My Man"...Wolf takes off HIS guitar and hands it to Dude...Dude noodles around a bit...Dude proceeds to play "Don't Back Down" for the finale with the band while Wolfie sings! Crowd Goes Wild! IT WAS AWESOME! And Here's the Video! ENJOY! (This Dude that Slayed it is Trace Tackett and he's damn good!) 

Mammoth WVH and Hurricane Nita Strauss, both had AMAZBALLZ SETS! SHREDFEST 2023, PRESENTED by The 99.7 Blitz! 

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See Slash & Wolfgang Van Halen appear in the video for "I'm Just Ken" 'Barbie' song

Slash and Wolfgang contribute their guitar slinging talents and new Foo Fighters drummer Josh Freese also plays on the song. Look for them as they each make an appearance in the video, which is Ryan Gosling's Ken sings about living in the shadow of Margot Robbie's beloved and iconic Barbie. "She's everything. He's just Ken."

The video, features behind-the-scenes footage of the filming of Barbie and the recording of "I'm Just Ken," including shots of Slash and Wolf in the studio. The Kens riding toy horses into battle is hilarious!

Both the Barbie movie and the soundtrack are out now. 

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