Scott Weiland's widow says late Stone Temple Pilots frontman died from other causes, not from an overdose

In a recent interview (Appetite for Distortion podcast) Scott Weiland's widow, Jamie Weiland, said...

"When [Scott] died, everybody was kind of like, 'That's tragic, but, of course, he overdosed,' which he didn't f****** overdose ... he didn't. Because he had drugs in his system, the coroner had to rule it an overdose, but the truth is Scott died because the main artery in his left ventricle was 95% blocked. That came from 10 years of heroine use. That came from an entire adult life of chain-smoking. His heart stopped. That was not an overdose. He was not using heroin, he did not overdose on drugs. His heart stopped because his heart had been through so much abuse. Because of prior drug use in his life, and smoking, and heavy drinking. Did [Scott] have trace amounts of drugs in his system? He did. Did I know he was using? No, I didn't, because he lied to me."

Following his passing in December 2015, it was ruled that Weiland died of an accidental mixed drug toxicity involving cocaine, alcohol and the drug MDA. The report also noted asthma, cardiovascular disease and Weiland's years of drug use as significant conditions. 

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Starset delivers a "Brave New World."

"Brave New World" is a new song from Columbus' Starset and is available via digital outlets and has an accompanying video that continues Starset's sci-fi mythology.

"Brave New World" follows Starset's 2021 album, HORIZONS, which featured "INFECTED." The band also scored a huge hit in 2022 with their Breaking Benjamin collaboration, "Waiting on the Sky to Change."

Starset will play a run of U.S. headlining shows or "Immersive Demonstrations" and will make their way to Columbus to Play Sonic Temple on Saturday May 18th ahead of Breaking Benjamin (fingers crossed for an on-stage collab of "Waiting on the Sky to Change." or pretty much anything) They're calling this tour.... "The Final Chapter"

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"BLEEDERS" from BLACK VEIL BRIDES Video - New Album! New Tour! New Tunes!

Black Veil Brides have dropped a new single called "Bleeders" and its accompanying cinematic Sweeney Todd-inspired video.

The song is the title track off an upcoming EP due out June 21. The set also includes coves of U2's "Sunday Blood Sunday" and the Sweeney Todd tune "My Friends." The Bleeders EP is both a soundtrack and a signpost of everything BVB past, present, and future.

Black Veil Brides are touring North America and have partnered with the American Red Cross for a virtual blood drive, with the mission to effect positive change. Help us to help others in this time of need. Fans who attend a show and show proof of donation will receive an exclusive merch package. One pint of blood can save as many as three lives. As of April 27, fans have pledged 1693 pints.

Before the birth of the BVB Army, the thousands of lyric tattoos, and the gold and platinum records that followed, Black Veil Brides was simply a dark vision dreamt up by an only child in Ohio.

He already loved Batman and KISS. Then, the striking visage of Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, on the cover of his dad's dusty CD (released a dozen years before he was born) kicked open the door for Biersack. Sweeney Todd cleared the way for The Phantom of the Opera, Misfits, and all that followed, culminating in the birth of Andy Black and the ascension of Black Veil Brides.

See BVB at Sonic Temple Art+Music Festival Friday May 17th on the Cathedral Stage at 4:55pm

Black Veil Brides - Andy Biersack, Jake Pitts, Jinxx, Christian "C.C." Coma, and Lonny Eagleton. 

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You Can Now Buy Your Own Flamethrowing Robot Dog for $10,000


Using a Ring camera to keep people off my property is so 2023...Meet the "Thermonator" .....Robot dogs with flamethrowers attached to their head are now a thing you can buy. An Ohio company called Throwflame is selling one that costs $9,400.

You operate it over WiFi or Bluetooth with a remote control, and it can shoot flames up to 30 feet. 

The website says they're legal in all 50 states. You just need a special permit in California and Maryland.

They're not pushing the guard dog angle, but they do list eight different things it's perfect for.

They include controlled burns . . . ice and snow removal . . . clearing weeds . . . pyrotechnics or entertainment . . . and also pest removal.

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Goosebump alert! Listen to a cappella & instrumental versions of Linkin Park's "Friendly Fire" and new biography coming.

Linkin Park has released a cappella and instrumental versions of their song "Friendly Fire."

"Friendly Fire" was recorded during the sessions for 2017's One More Light, LP's final album before the death of frontman Chester Bennington. The original version will be included on Linkin Parks upcoming 20-track collection "Papercuts" due out April 12.

Additionally, a new biography titled "Starts with One: The Legend and Legacy of Linkin Park" will be released October 1. It was written by Jason Lipshutz, the executive director of music for Billboard, and is named after the late Chester Bennington's opening lyrics to the LP hit "In the End." (pre-order here )

"Through in-depth reporting and interviews, as well as new reflections from their collaborators and contemporaries, It Starts with One explores how one band made such a big impact on modern music, effectively cementing Linkin Park's long overdue place in music history"

2017 was the last time we saw Linkin Park perform live which was their tribute concert to Bennington, who died earlier that year. They have put out several archival releases, including 20th anniversary reissues of the first two LPs, 2000's Hybrid Theory and 2003's Meteora. 

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