Remember this band at InkCarceration last summer? Silly Goose Continue Their Fast Food Tour!


Silly Goose's guerilla tour of fast food chains continued, with the Atlanta band popping up at a Subway, metal locked and loaded. The band are no strangers to performing in unconventional settings, having also previously performed inside a McDonald's, on the back of a portable stage, THE INKCARCERATION 2022 parking lot and more. (As a result of the INK INVASION DWP put them on the Louder Than Life Saturday lineup last year - 2022)

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Band Raided Inkcarceration Parking Lot...And Got Added To The Festival - Silly Goose


Late last Saturday night (July 16) at Inkcarceration, the band Silly Goose drove to Ohio from Atlanta and set up a guerilla style impromptu performance in a parking lot on the back of their modified flat bed truck and trailer. (Photo Credit: Kate Kastelic)

Danny Wimmer proceeded to the parking lot to see what was happening. Initially frustrated by the unauthorized show, Wimmer was so impressed by the band's perseverance and talent--and immediate fan response--that he offered him a spot to open the Inkcarceration 3rd stage the next day.

Ultimately, that performance was canceled due to a delayed festival start time because of severe weather in the area, but the band was given a last minute performance slot later in the day to close out the 3rd stage which drew hundreds of fans.

Wimmer was so impressed by the band's hard work, dedication and talent that he also invited them to join him for an interview on the DWPresents on Twitch channel. During the interview, Wimmer offered the band a demo deal with his label Alchemy Recordings and he invited them to play at DWP's Louder Than Life festival in Louisville this September.

Silly Goose is known for taking matters into their own hands to get their music out to fans. Their guerrilla style performances have been held on the street, in restaurants like McDonald's, and in other festival parking lots, and sometimes get the band into trouble, but they continue to push forward to get their music out to new fans. 

Check these maniacs out here: and here

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