Avatar to release "blood-filled" vinyl edition of 'Dance Devil Dance' album (creepy video)

Avatar have announced a new vinyl version of their 'Dance Devil Dance' album filled with red liquid, making it look like it's filled with blood.

"Your first birth was on the house those are the cards you're forced to play until today. You can be reborn every single night. Evolve. We feed your ear through an umbilical cord. We are the placenta. Your mind rests inside a soft womb of sound. Then, there is light. Escape. Open your eyes. This is the first night of the rest of your life. We are still in you." - vocalist Johannes Eckerström.

This blood offering can be preordered now, but only if you're a member of the Avatar Country fan club. Any pieces still remaining will go on sale Friday, November 3.

Dance Devil Dance was released in February and includes the single "The Dirt I'm Buried In." 

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Godsmack To Release 25th Anniversary Pressing Of Their Self-Titled Debut Album


Godsmack are celebrating the 25th anniversary of their 4x multi-platinum self-titled debut album with a new orange vinyl pressing. A December 8th release date is expected for that limited edition run, which has newly been remastered for this release. It is available to pre-order at godsmack.com. The 1998 album remains the band's most commercially successful to date. 

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Shinedown To Release Packed 2011 Live Album On Vinyl


Shinedown announced that their 2011 live album, Somewhere In The Stratosphere, will be available for the first time on vinyl on December 8th.

The limited edition red, black, and beige splattered 4 LP set includes the band's multi-platinum hit single "Second Chance" and their platinum single "If You Only Knew" as well as covers of Foo Fighters' "Times Like These" and Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Simple Man."

Somewhere In The Stratosphere is comprised of two full live concerts… an electric set from Washington State and an acoustic set from Kansas City.

Shinedown is currently on a 25-date tour, promoting their seventh studio album, Planet Zero

LP 1:

  • A1. Intro (Scary Fairy) (Live from Washington State)
  • A2. Sound of Madness (Live from Washington State)
  • A3. Devour (Live from Washington State)
  • A4. I Dare You (Live from Washington State)
  • A5. Cyanide Sweet Tooth Suicide (Live from Washington State)
  • A6. If You Only Knew (Live from Washington State)
  • B1. Diamond Eyes (Boom-Lay Boom Boom-Lay Boom) (Live from Washington State)
  • B2. 45 (Live from Washington State)
  • B3. Burning Bright (Live from Washington State)
  • B4. Heroes (Live from Washington State)

LP 2:

  • C1. The Crow & The Butterfly (Live from Washington State)
  • C2. Her Name Is Alice (Live from Washington State)
  • C3. Save Me (Live from Washington State)
  • C4. Left Out (Live from Washington State)
  • D1. Simple Man (Live from Washington State)
  • D2. Fly From The Inside (Live from Washington State)
  • D3. Second Chance (Live from Washington State)

LP 3:

  • E1. Heroes (Live from Kansas City)
  • E2. Save Me (Live from Kansas City)
  • E3. If You Only Knew (Live from Kansas City)
  • E4. Sound of Madness (Live from Kansas City)
  • F1. Shed Some Light (Live from Kansas City)
  • F2. 45 (Live from Kansas City)
  • F3. I Dare You (Live from Kansas City)
  • F4. Times Like These (Live from Kansas City)

LP 4:

  • G1. The Crow & The Butterfly (Live from Kansas City)
  • G2. Burning Bright (Live from Kansas City)
  • G3. Devour (Live from Kansas City)
  • G4. Call Me (Live from Kansas City)
  • H1. Fly From The Inside (Live from Kansas City)
  • H2. With A Little Help From My Friends (Live from Kansas City)
  • H3. Simple Man (Live from Kansas City)
  • H4. Second Chance (Live from Kansas City)
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