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Update on Yesterday's Texting While Driving Video


 In the 24 hours since I posted the video, a lot of new context has surfaced. For one thing, the footage is over two years old. In case you haven't seen it, he's the video in question.

The officer featured in the video is notoriously tough on people who decide to text while driving. In fact, ABC 6 did a piece on Officer Conner earlier this year where he talks about his crusade to stop distracted driving. Here's a link to that video....

To get to the reason why we're seeing the video two years after the fact, we need to look at a post on a Facebook Community page that was made a few weeks ago by the driver in the video (capture below)

Officer Conner became aware of this post and responded on the same community page with the screen capture below along with a link to the body cam video (the driver's name was mentioned in the post, which I have removed)

People are taking issue with the fact the officer responded to the driver's post in the manner he did on the community page. What do you guys think? While I can't imagine anyone honestly defending the driver's behavior, was her behavior enough to warrant Officer Conner's post on a public forum or was it inappropriate for the officer to respond in that manner? 

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