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Franklin County Veteran Services


Veterans Day is November 11 2020, and The Blitz and Franklin County Veterans Service Commission wants to make sure veterans have all the tools they need where needed. We have teamed up with them to empower Veterans and their families by providing guidance, resources, immediate financial assistance and access to benefits, in order to provide a path to sustained solutions.

The Franklin County Veterans Service Commission is a county agency dedicated to helping veterans, active duty members of the Armed Forces of the United States, and their dependents.  

For more information you can contact the Veterans Service Commission at: 614-525-2500 or Click Here

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Financial Assistance Eligibility Requirements

Each applicant for financial assistance shall be a veteran, an active-duty member of the armed forces of the United States, or the spouse, surviving spouse, dependent parent, minor child, or ward of a veteran or an active-duty member of the armed forces of the United States. Ohio Revised Code, 5901.01 definition of a veteran who may be eligible for financial services is a person who served in the armed forces of the United States on active military duty and was discharged from service under honorable conditions, and who either served on active duty for reasons other than training or, while serving on active duty for training, incurred a disability recognized by the Department of Veterans Affairs or Department of Defense as service connected.

The applicant must be a bona fide resident who has lived in the county for at least three months prior to the date of application for financial assistance. Proof of residency is the responsibility of the individual seeking assistance.

Each applicant eligible for financial assistance shall provide a statement concerning household income and the amount of real and personal taxable property, stocks, bonds, money on hand, loaned or deposited in any bank or elsewhere, shares in building associations, mortgages, notes or other, articles of value from which an income or revenue is derived.

Emergency Financial Assistance

Financial assistance requests can be submitted via e-mail, fax, or using the drop box inside Memorial Hall at 280 E. Broad Street, Columbus, OH 43215.  Our lobby is closed to walk in service and we are unable to meet with clients face to face.  A staff member will contact you by phone to review your request. 

Areas of Assitance Include, but are not limited to:

  • Mortgage/Rent
  • Utilities
  • Food
  • Car Repair/Car Payment

Program Priorities (Please Contact Us for More Information)

  • Emergency Dental Treatments
  • Transportation to and from VA medical appointments

Other financial assistance needs are provided on a case-by-case basis. Proper documentation concerning all household income and expense is required for each application for financial assistance (please see client screening sheet link below for additional requirements).

Support for Disabled Veterans and Dependents

You may receive a monthly compensation if you are at least 10 percent disabled as a result of your military service.

Also, you may receive a monthly pension if you are a wartime veteran with limited income and assets and are permanently and totally disabled or are at least 65 years of age.

We will be glad to help you understand these benefits and apply for programs.

For detailed information please go to Compensation and Pension Benefits which covers the following topics:

  • Benefits Information
  • Special Programs
  • Rate Tables
  • Summary of Benefits
  • ADVISOR Program
  • Fact Sheets
  • Forms
  • Directives

If you're in need of assistance with Activities of Daily Living, please complete the Aid and Attendance Letter

You may be able to receive dependency or indemnity compensation if you are a survivor of:

  • A service member who died in active duty
  • A veteran who died from service-related disabilities
  • A veteran who was being paid 100 percent disability compensation at time of death.

DIC is a monthly check paid to eligible survivors of certain deceased veterans.

To get DIC, you must be an eligible survivor of a veteran who died because of a service-related illness or injury.

If the veteran's death was NOT service-related, you may still be eligible if EITHER of the following conditions existed at the time of death:

  • the veteran was getting VA Disability Compensation for a total disability for the last 10 years. (Note: this also includes veterans who would have received VA compensation but didn't because they were getting military retirement or disability pay).
  • the veteran was getting VA Disability Compensation for a total disability continuously since released from active duty and for at least 5 years.

You may be an eligible survivor if:

  • you were married to the veteran for at least 1 year (Note: If a child was born, there is no time requirement AND
  • your marriage was valid, AND
  • you lived with the veteran continuously until his/her death or, if you separated, you weren't at fault, AND
  • you did not remarry. (Note: If you remarried, entitlement to DIC may be restored if the subsequent remarriage is terminated by death or divorce.)


  • you are an unmarried child of a deceased veteran AND
  • you are under age 18, or between the ages of 18 and 23 and attending school.

(Note: Certain helpless adult children and some parents of deceased veterans are entitled to DIC. Call VA toll free (1-800-827-1000) for the eligibility requirements for these survivors.)

How Much Does VA Pay?

VA pays a basic monthly rate of $948 to eligible surviving spouses. In some cases, VA can pay more. Call the Veterans Services Office for information about rates paid to eligible children.

How Can I Apply?

You can apply by filling out VA Form 21-534, Application for Dependency and Indemnity Compensation, Death Pension and Accrued Benefits By a Surviving Spouse or Child, and mailing it to the VA Regional Office that serves your area

Franklin County Veteran Service Commission
300 East Broad Street
Columbus, Ohio 43215
(614) 525-2500 fax (614) 525-2505

Veterans Service Commission is available to help you understand these benefits and to apply for programs and services for which you may be eligible.

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