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Viral Moment! Watch 10 year old slay "Last Resort" on autographed guitar from Adam Jones (Tool)


Seemingly shy 10-year-old guitarist Maya Neelakantan traveled from India to wow the judges on America's Got Talent Tuesday night when she killed an instrumental version of "Last Resort." Maya revealed that this performance was her first time on stage.

"@MayaNeelakantan Wow!! What an honor for this early release and also what an honor that I got to play for the first time on stage and it's on America's Got Talent! Thank you for creating an unforgettable memory for me!!" 

Howie Mandel asked about her inspirations and she responded: "One is Adam Jones from TOOL. Also, Gary Holt, who is the guitarist of EXODUS and SLAYER."

In 2023, when Maya was just 9 years old, she went viral for performing a mashup of 22 TOOL songs in a single take and Adam Jones (TOOL) gifted the phenom a guitar, which is the one she played during this performance! (Check out the Headstock! An autographed Adam Jones Signature Les Paul Standard Antique Silverburst Guitar, no less😮) Maya Rawwwkd it!

Maya was given a unanimous yes to move on, by the judges!️
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