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Watch behind the scenes making of Godsmack's "TRUTH"


"Today I've made a choice to share with all of you an emotional event that happened to me 3 years ago. Sometimes my dearest friends and family will ask me why I would want to expose such a personal story to the public, and normally I wouldn't. However, I would also be a hypocrite if what I preach all the time is how people should expose their SCARS, emotionally or physically, and wear them loudly and proudly on their sleeves to remind us of what we survived. Rather than carry that weight internally and sink into dark places, always wondering what we did wrong, what we could've done better, and never forgiving the other person or ourselves. 

If we are going to truly heal and live our best lives free of guilt, pain and suffering, then I feel we have to share our stories, expose our vulnerabilities and move past them with forgiveness. As I have with my ex, who chose to make this mistake and betray our love some time ago. It is also how I choose to create my art. Not only does it help heal me, but it also allows me to share my gift of music with all of you. Although it can be very painful to create under these circumstances, the reward has ALWAYS been much greater than the risk.

As you watch this Behind the Scenes of the making of our new single "TRUTH", I hope you see it more as a celebration of a rebirth, than a trauma endured. I truly hope it helps ALL OF YOU who may have suffered a betrayal of some kind find your peace too." ~ Sully Erna 

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Plus, catch Godsmack headling set at Inkcarceration at The Ohio State Reformatory Saturday July 20th 

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