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Kirsch's First Concert


A survey found that 60% of respondents said they remember every second of the first live concert they went to, and 56% remember how happy they felt.  So this got me thinking.  I'm pretty sure that everyone on earth has a cooler "my first concert" story.  

I can't say I remember how I felt.  But my first concert was:  GLORIA ESTEFAN AND THE MIAMI SOUND MACHINE!  Hey.  Don't judge. It was 1988.  Ok yeah.  You can go ahead any judge anyhow.  I was 10 at that point (now you're doing math and trying to figure out how old I am) and my parents scored some sweet, free tickets for her show at the Civic Arena in Pittsburgh.  I had no choice!  Hahahah.

1...2...3...4....come on baby say you love me!

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