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BB17fItb.img KFC X CROCS

 Check out the latest collaboration between KFC and Crocs shoes. 

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 Columbus resident, Ohio State Buckeye Wrestling legend, the 2000 Pride Grand Prix champion, and the first ever UFC Champion  takes you beyond the octagon with update on The Godfather of ground and Pound, Mark Coleman

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Overbearing Biden


​Joe Biden got a little heated as he spoke on gun control with a worker from Detroit Michigan. The worker claimed that Biden was caught on video saying that he's going to take away gun rights, when in fact the video was fabricated according to fact check.gov. This lead Biden to say the worker was "full of sh**." (CNN) 

Real or fake news, Biden's overreaction doesn't seem like it would do him any favors. If a candidate yelled at one of us, he might lose our votes, or at the very least reaffirm our voting stance for a different opponent. 

Biden does keep his stance on gun control and is not looking to pursue taking away America's 2nd amendment. Read more about this run-in below, check out the video by The Guardian, and let us know what you think!

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More New Music!


​Loper interviewed Mandy Moore, and got to listen to her sing in person! This was right after her career kicked off. She has amazing vocals, give her song a listen and let us know if you think her voice is as good as Loper thinks it is. Have a great weekend!

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COVID-19 Prevention Plan


​With spreading of the Coronavirus we want our listeners to be safe and informed. Dr. Amy Acton, the Director of the Ohio Department of Health, was awesome today in answering our questions about COVID-19. She gave us this amazing link that you can click below to learn more. 

This link provides Ohioans information about prevention, what to keep in your household, updates and more. Stay healthy!

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