Shriek Week on The Blitz


It's Shriek Week on The Blitz this week - all day - every day!

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Win Hollywood Undead Tix


99.7 The Blitz welcomes Hollywood Undead to KEMBA Live! on November 18th! 

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P.O.D.'s New Single Features Randy Blythe of Lamb Of God


Sonny Sandavol of P.O.D. says that the new album is "mixed, mastered, and ready to go" but they're not going to release it until next year. In the meantime they'll drop some new singles ahead of the release, so we'll get to hear new music to hold us over until then. Check out the first single "Drop".

Five Finger Death Punch and Ivan Moody handle a group of traffickers in their new video "Judgement Day."


FFDP tackle the issue of child trafficking in their new video. Ivan Moody Takes On Human Traffickers In Five Finger Death Punch's New "Judgment Day" Video . The song is was based on a story and concept put together by frontman Ivan Moody. The animation sequences find Ivan Moody playing a supernatural vigilante who takes on a group of kidnappers, and their fight scenes are depicted in a comic book style animation. The song can be found on the band's latest album, "AfterLife". 

Did you see the new Barbie Movie? THIS is BETTER! Avenged Sevenfold - "Mattel" (Official Video)


TWISTED AND WEIRD ALL THE WAY! This A7X video is so great (and disturbing) that it's the 'must watch' for today!! The guys teamed up with the #robotchicken crew for their new single "Mattel" And there is no way in hell that Barbie is getting approved!

After releasing a series of video skits being acted out with Mattel toys, ('Barbie', 'Masters Of The Universe' and more) Avenged Sevenfold have dropped their official "Mattel" music video. 

The Barbie Dreamhouse turns into the Barbie Nightmarehouse! The Barbie-Doll-Demented video features lots of doll nudity, drug use and fiery explosions. Avenged Sevenfold would have it no other way! Also, A7X frontman M. Shadows imagine himself as a doll, singing, "My vinyl skin provides protection/It holds in place my plastic bones" and "I've smelled the plastic daisies/And it seems we've found ourselves in hell."  

Avenged dropped their current studio album, "Life Is But A Dream…" back in June. They are on their headlining tour with Falling In Reverse and Kim Dracula, with appearances at Louisville, KY – Louder Than Life 9/23 and Sacramento, CA – Aftershock 10/5 

Close your eyes kids. Adults, watch the "Mattel" video here! BURN IT ALL DOWN!